Mystery Schools

Egypt — Its Mysteries and Mystery Schools Revealed

By Sylvia Sharama Shanti

The temples along the Nile, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the enigmatic Sphinx — these mystical symbols in stone which have held their fascination for centuries are only now beginning to reveal the secrets of their true significance. While eminent archeologists and scientists are again studying their outer form, thousands of awakening souls are also being drawn to them to experience the still potent energies and in many cases to trigger the remembrance of lifetimes spent as initiates or priests in the ancient.

Mystery Schools of Egypt

This is all a part of the Melchizedek awakening, for all Mystery Schools worldwide and all the great religions of the world have been seeded by the overlighting Eternal and Cosmic Order of Melchizedek, which is behind all our higher teachings and whose purpose it is to facilitate and guide not only the spiritual evolution of humanity on earth but all conscious beings everywhere.

Thus, as prophesied in the Bible …”and the stones shall speak”, the Pyramid and Sphinx are being rediscovered in the light of higher understanding and their mysteries revealed for they represent and hold the keys to our next major leap in consciousness which will take us into the Age of Awareness or the Age of the Holy Spirit/Shekinah. This spiritual connection is being spearheaded by such gifted and learned people as the writer of ‘The Book of Knowledge — The Keys of Enoch’ Professor James J. Hurtak and members of the international Academy of Future Science who are working to open the archeological zones of human evolution and the libraries of the ancients which show where intelligent life began here, where and how the Masters of Light have come to help humanity in the past and will again in the near future.

The Pyramids and their Orion Connection

This spiritual connection indicates that the three pyramids at Giza were built to represent the past, present and future of the planet by the cosmologists or Higher Intelligence who seeded earth. The positive and negative energies present on this planet of duality are represented by the pyramids’ alignment to both Orion, the region of positive programming used by the Elohim Lords of Light, and Alpha Draconis, or the ‘Dragon which devours’ i.e. negative entropy or devolution, which is the region of negative programming. The symbol of Orion is seen in the diamond shape formed by the coming together of the actual physical pyramid structure above the earth and its energetic counterpart below the earth where the region of the ‘pit’ or the ‘grotto’ is found.

The Orion Constellation from which came the early Master Osiris who was assigned to bring the teachings of the Order of Melchizedek to earth, is the gateway into the higher space-time realms. It is an open portal for those ready to work with the Masters of Light, for the Higher worlds are under the Orion vibration. This connection with Orion showing irrefutably that we originated from the Higher Hierarchy of Light or Ultraterrestrials (not from the Lower Hierarchy of extraterrestrials who are trying to tell us that they created us!) will be revealed once the libraries under the Pyramid and the Sphinx are opened, for even the genealogy of Christ starts with the names of these Luminaries.

Enoch was a principal architect of the Great Pyramid whose mathematical alignment with specific star positions would be difficult to reproduce even today, and Hurtak has shown that it was built from the top down using higher awareness and Light technology to have perfect 20 cm wide ‘star shafts’, shafts of laser-like precision which point to these star positions. Already other rooms have been located within the Pyramid behind and between the King’s and Queen’s Chambers, but as yet the probes have not been able to reveal their use.

Prof. Hurtak recently spent time in the Great Pyramid with his Academy’s musicians who intoned the names of God using specific musical harmonics which then actually created light within the chambers and corridors! This was captured on a video and proves why initiates and priests never needed torches as a light source and why no evidence of ancient torch smoke has ever been found within the Pyramid.

The Ancient Sphinx

Far older than originally believed with evidence of water erosion high up around its base, the Sphinx is linked with the Great Pyramid in many ways, including its star systems alignment. Current archeological excavations between the two which are already five stories deep, are revealing a huge complex of roads related to magnetic and light energy grids around the world which are focused in the Great Pyramid and connect with the vortex area of the Sphinx.

The body of the Sphinx represents the ‘Lion of Judah’ symbolizing our physical body of space and time within the Lion or solar evolution. The Lion however, has the face of Higher Christed Intelligence to remind and show us how we are able and destined to evolve into higher states of awareness and consciousness. Thus the Sphinx symbolizes the conquering of our lower animal nature and thus our or humanity’s evolution into our Higher Self through our conscious connection with our God Presence which enables us to receive the Higher Thought forms of Light and guidance of the Holy Spirit, our ‘interface’ with the Divine. The Sphinx is a form of Merkaba and the Egyptian word for Sphinx contains ‘HU’ representing humanity and Homo Universalis to which we are evolving as we reach out to return home.

Originally the headdress of the Sphinx was much larger and within the ‘sphinx are many initiation rooms in which can be seen representations of giant-sized space beings with similar headdresses. It is now believed that the colossal statues of Ramses at Abu Simbel are, in fact, actually life sized! And many extraterrestrials actually look like the early Egyptians.

Prof. Hurtak, with teams of scientists and archeologists, have already entered into rooms within the Sphinx using an entrance between the reconstructed front paws — this was also shown on video this year. When the Sphinx ‘speaks’ the information will open the Seven Seals spoken of in the Bible which corresponds to our seven chakras, the complete transmutation or opening of which to allow the full integration of our Divine I AM Presence or God Self is the goal of all initiation or Mystery School traditions.

The Temples of Initiation Along the Nile

Set up by initiates and priests of the fabled Atlantean Temples of Love and Light who fled Atlantis just prior to its sinking, the Egyptian Mystery Schools became centered along the Nile which is symbolic of our spinal column with the six main temple areas representing our six chakras, our Chakra Temples of Light, and the seventh by the Pyramid-Sphinx. This symbolizes the initiation into the Light, resulting in the perfect working harmony and complete alignment of all seven chakras necessary before connection can be made with the eighth or Overself chakra. Only then can the body receive the Overself Body of Light which is the true I AM identity.

The eighth chakra was represented by On, the center for the Academy of Light where the Masters of Light revealed the Higher teachings of Light for the teaching and education of the soul. Priest-scientists from On were sent throughout the ancient world to select megalithic sites and build such coded structures as Stonehenge — its main ‘portal’ design, for example, is a symbol for God.

ABU DIS representing the first chakra is a place of primal energy charge and held the blueprint of creation. It was the place of Initiation of the Seven Seals and held codes in crystal.  
ABU SIMBEL, with its hall of pillars, corresponds to the second chakra, and represents the co-evolution of our body. The giant statues have their left foot forward suggesting to us that once we become aware of our purpose or soul contract for this life it is wise to accept it and put ‘our best foot forward!’ AbuSimbel2.jpg (75122 bytes)AbuSimbel.jpg (147539 bytes)AbuSimbelHall.jpg (109257 bytes)
The Temple of Kom Ombo, the Temple of Light and Darkness, challenged initiates to find the balance between the two polarities within their lives and to then live that balance, to learn to trust their intuition and not to give way to fear. This is one of the most challenging initiations we too face in our lives now.The  temple of Kom Ombo was a cult center of two gods. The northern section was dedicated to the god Haroeris(Horus the Elder). While the southern portion of the temple was the cult center of the crocodile god Sobek. KomOmbo1.jpg (60320 bytes)The northern section was dedicated to the god Haroeris(Horus the Elder):

The southern portion of the temple was the cult center of the crocodile god Sobek:

THEBES, connected with the region of Medina Habu, the Valley of Kings and Queens, represents the third chakra, our seat of power and the inner functions of our body. Also associated with the third chakra is the Temple ofSekhmet which represents on the spiritual level wisdom and the ‘spiritual warrior’ within. This refers to the strength, knowledge and wisdom of knowing how and when to vanquish such inner barriers or obstacles to our life initiation, such as control issues, fear, judgment, ego, the will of others or of a system. Thebes01.jpg (145258 bytes)Thebes02.jpg (193062 bytes)
KARNAK, the heartbeat of man in stone, represents the fourth chakra and the opening of the Higher worlds for we are a living temple. It connects the heartbeat of man with the Stars, the Pleiades, and our heartbeat with Heaven’s heartbeat, thereby activating the blood crystals. Here was built the Temple of Love and Light modeled on the one from Atlantis. Karnak1.jpg (196886 bytes)

ABYDOS, where the Osirion Temple of Resurrection is found, represents the fifth chakra — we can become the voice that speaks to the world. AbydosWall.jpg (1281615 bytes)
MEMPHIS, the city of Rebirth, the city of Ptah, connects with the opening of our third eye inner vision, the sixth chakra.Click here to view a picture of the King of Memphis.
The opening of knowledge within the PYRAMID-SPHINXsymbolizes the spiritualization of matter and the opening of the Seventh Seal as prophesied in the book of Revelations and corresponds on a personal level to the opening of our seventh chakra, the receiving of Light upon the Crown of Kether. Thus the coding within the Pyramid-Sphinx represents the bringing together of human evolution with Higher Evolution, the human race with the Higher Races, our body in holy unity with our Divine counterpart, and the vibration of ANI ANI — I AM that I AM becoming once again in unity with us.

In the initiations of Egypt, the final or seventh initiation which both Moses and Jesus completed, took place within the Pyramid because of its special magnetic resonance and altered frequencies allowed all unaccessed portions of the soul and subconscious mind to become conscious and hopefully resolved. In other words. the initiate would go down to the depths of their being to confront all that was not of God. This process of soul searching has just recently been revealed to me but in the context of today’s life experience as the completing initiation I have been asked to share this throughout New Zealand, Australia and worldwide to those who feel ready for this accelerated level of soul education through the new Order of Melchizedek Initiation Training seminars. Thus, to demonstrate their mastery of all individual aspects of personality and emotions the initiates of ancient Egypt would first enter the lower chamber below the Pyramid structure known as the ‘pit’ to experience the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ for in this fourth dimensional space any fears became an instant reality.

Having survived this level the initiate would move into the ‘Queens Chamber’, the Chamber of Balance where polarities of Dark and Light had to be experienced and accepted in order to neutralize any ‘charge’ and thus stabilize their Christ Consciousness.

Finally, the initiate would advance up to the ‘King’s Chamber’, or the Chamber of White Light, where pure thought was possible which allowed them to move mind/body/spirit consciously beyond all limitations into a higher expression of experience known as the act of Resurrection or Ascension.

This final part of the Pyramid initiation within the King’s Chamber took place lying for three and a half days in the sarcophagus which was and still is symbolic of the body being ‘coated in stone.’ The opening of the sarcophagus symbolizes the transmutation or resurrection into the body of Light. This consciousness expansion and consciousness resurrection resulted in ascension through the ‘star shafts’ to join the Masters who serve the Councils of Light on Orion.

Jesus demonstrated this transmutation after his physical ‘death’ and subsequent resurrection after three and a half days in the tomb during which time he balanced the basic thirty-two chemical elements in his human body with the thirty-third transformation of Light or the implanting of ‘Divine Wisdom’ which alters the vibrations of the physical body and rebuilds it into a Christ Body of Light. This is the meaning behind the Christ Consciousness Frequency of 33.

Eye of Horus Mystery Schools

Akhenaton founded a Mystery School of unity consciousness training based on the Order of Melchizedek’s ‘Law of One’. Initiates first went through twelve years of training known as the Left Eye of Horus, an emotional body and right-brain training which focused on mastering emotions, feelings, fears and other individual aspects of the personality, as well as both positive and negative aspects of the chakras. Each of the temples built for this training dealt with the specific fear related with each chakra and allowed initiates to work with different aspects of their human nature.

This was followed by another twelve years’ training in the Right Eye of Horus Mystery School which was controlled by the left brain, the logical side of how everything was created by Spirit, which included what we now term Sacred Geometry. Today we have been given both understandings for now is the time to bring both our left and right brains and their aspects into perfect balance.

Unlike the initiates of thousands of years ago however, we now have the opportunity that if we so choose we can consciously make THIS LIFE OUR FINAL INITIATION! But just as the initiates of old had to learn to master and live the fundamental Divine Principles, so too do we but this time within the context of our everyday lives — herein lies our soul’s challenge and for many of us our soul purpose for incarnating during this momentous and unique time upon planet earth.

— by Sylvia Shanti Sharma

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Isis Mystery School

Isis is the primary feminine archetype, or energy representative, of nature’s divine fertility. She is mysterious because she never completely reveals herself to anyone. She is the focus of divine motherhood found in the Ancient Egyptian mystery schools.

The Temple of Isis

The Temple of Isis is one of the first a Light Traveler will find in the search for inner truth. A powerful and focused desire to bring love into this world opens the portal. You must connect your heart to the challenge of bringing motherly love into the physical world.

Feminine power is focused on the energy of giving from the self to create divine life. That’s the key. The outer temples or marble are now gone, but they aren’t necessary. The inner Temple of Light remains. When the initiate Aristides entered the temple of Isis he saw a Light and other unutterable things conducing to salvation. Find the temple and you likely will too.

In popular Egyptian mythology, Isis is both sister and wife to Osiris the king. Osiris is killed by his dark brother Seth, who rips him into 13 pieces and scatters them across Egypt. Isis gathers up 12 of the pieces, creating a new phallus from clay, and brings Osiris back to life in the child Horus. Horus becomes the new king of Egypt, and the next age begins as the cycle repeats.

Isis is the Queen of all regeneration. She is tied to monthly lunar cycles and the yearly growing seasons. Her dark side is often called Nephthys, but she is also HathorSekhmet and many other goddess forms.

Her absolute power over growth and destruction makes her comparable to the Indian Goddess Kali — both beautiful and terrifying. But Isis is also the tender mother we find in the Christian Mary, with the mother-power less diluted. Her ability to master masculine energy remains intact. She can undo any mess that her brothers, Seth and Osiris, create. She works with purpose and is not passive in her role.

Thoth Mystery School

The Mystery of Hermes Trismegistus, the “three-times great”, was described by Greek and Roman mystics in documents loosely attributed to the Egyptian god Thoth. Thoth, or Tehuti, was the scribe of the gods, the inventor of writing, and was usually depicted in hieroglyphics with the head of an Ibis bird.

One tradition holds that Thoth was the architect of the Great Pyramids of Giza. It is said that below the Giza plateau lies a network of tunnels containing the real history of Egypt, including the mystical history of the temple initiates. The central truth of these records is permanently inscribed on Emerald Tablets.


This saying, attributed to Thoth as being the most fundamental truth of our conscious minds, is the basis of the outer Hermetic teaching. The idea is that the world is a mirror of heaven — a reflection. The divine patterns found here are a reflection of those in the worlds above. Everything that is understandable here has meaning because its pattern is represented in the divine. That’s the inner foundation of language and writing in the purely symbolic sense. That is just what Thoth created — an inner connection between the divine light patterns and the outer forms it takes. This conscious connection doesn’t come easily, in fact it must be accompanied by skills for accepting deep abstraction. We may call it a “new idea” or “concept”, but it’s the ability to visualize patterns in the light and realize the meaning in life. We take for granted how much of this ability we have inherited from the ancient past.

Mystically, Thoth realized the great ‘Scroll of Light’, and began to inscribe upon it the glyphs of his world — his language of truth. So powerful was the resonance of this language that it could be understood by those who heard him speak, and stood in his presence. Thoth could draw pictures of these ideas so clearly that they brought up expansive images in the minds of his comrades — they could “read” these pictures as reminders of what he had said to them. They were learning to travel in his space of truth, learning his “language” defined by his work as a mystic light traveler. The same is true today. We call it memory. It is a shared experience of inner light.

On the plane of light the mnemonic glyphs of language appear as standing resonators of meaning. By traveling through these energetic monoliths you come to know the meaning of language and its purpose in the history of consciousness. This constellation of micro-portals dots the dimensional landscape like the scroll of a player piano — the scroll of Thoth. As you travel along the surface you replay the information that is stored in the Halls of Amenti. There you find the emerald tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. It is cut from pure Beryl stone of radiant mind-glass.

If you find this stone, and decipher it,
you will see that it is a map of the
hallways underneath the earth.
The hallways branch in every direction,
but twelve are the most prominent.
It is said that if you follow each hallway
to its end, you will find another emerald tablet,
making thirteen in all.
Decipher all the tablets,
learn the lessons they contain,
and Thoth will personally appear to greet you!

Ma’at and Thoth!
Two teachers from the heart of Atlantis.

— from The Emerald Tablets

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