The Global Human to The Universal Human

Wow….how humans have evolved over the last 10 years or so. These wondrously changing times of ours are incredible…and things are moving so quickly.  We have all become very aware of the rising of “The Global Human”.

Those People who are Profiting the Planet Purposefully and Passionately. the global humanEvery day we see more and more common everyday individuals emerging onto the stage of life, stepping up into their glorious global wondrousness.  Amazing examples of individuals stepping up and choosing to shine, and make a difference to the world.  How absolutely wonderful this is!

So what then is The Universal Human? This is the next stage of human evolution.  This is the human who has moved even further along the path of conscious evolution….to reactivate full functionality….recallibrating their biology….transmuting every cell from carbon to crystalline… universally activated and multidimensional.

the universal humanThe Universal Human    


Pineal Activation

Medulla Pineal

There are exciting events happening right now with all of humanity.  The group has spoken several times about the Re-wire of the physical body to help us hold more of our own higher self and our actual spirit than ever before.  They say that one of these physical changes is already in place and Continue reading