Pineal Activation

Medulla Pineal

There are exciting events happening right now with all of humanity.  The group has spoken several times about the Re-wire of the physical body to help us hold more of our own higher self and our actual spirit than ever before.  They say that one of these physical changes is already in place and can be activated at any time.  It is now possible to re-activate the pineal gland to do what it was originally designed to do. 

DNADNA Re-connections

The group speaks of the pineal gland as one part of our body that has both finite and infinite properties.  The job the pineal gland originally played was no longer needed when the DNA of the human template was altered.  Now, as of this writing, a critical mass in DNA re-connections have happened within the collective of humanity.  As a result and as a result of the physical Re-wire it is now possible to activate the Pineal gland to it’s original condition and use. 

Position in Time and Space.

One of the known jobs of the Pineal is to regulate the circadian rhythms in the body.  These include important biological functions like sleep cycles, the seasons, aging cycles, sex drive, the production of human growth hormone and much more.  The group agrees with this but adds that it basically determines our position within the illusion of space and time in the universe around us.  In other words, it grounds a spirit into the illusion of a physical time line. This makes sense since so many cultures believed that the pineal gland was the entrance and exit point of the soul. When the pineal gland becomes activated and the client learns how to use it consciously, they begin to have control over this position in time and space. The group says it will begin as more people become activated and will start to be seen as more control over the same issues of sleep cycles, aging, sexual drive, etc. Over time they also say we can control multidimensional travel and time travel.

PinealPineal Crystals – A New Antennae

Medical science has documented well the calcification of the Pineal gland in most humans over the last 50-60 years which is the same time the group said we entered the Second Wave of Empowerment.  The medical community suspected that it was the fluoride in our water that caused this ‘problem’.  This calcification is seen as a white coating over the entire Pineal gland and is commonly referred to in radiological circles as the “Blue Light” as it shows up as a bluish white light in the center of the brain at the Pineal gland.  It was discovered in older people first which might have led to the conclusion that it was something in our water, but now they have discovered this is also present in ever increasing numbers of children as young as three years old.  Both medical science and the group agree that right now it is responsible for seizures and tumors and other ailments, yet the group says it is part of our natural evolutionary process. The group also adds that these calcium deposits and the resulting crystals are temporary and will eventually leave us.  They are here at this time to activate our own internal telepathic abilities.

The calcification of the Pineal gland also has a gift. We will show you where medical science has not found calcite crystals in these calcium deposits. Crystal Radio For many years now the group has been saying that We are Becoming Crystal. Medical science has now even coined a word for it “Biomineralization”. The most important discovery is that these calcite crystals have something called ‘piezoelectric properties’. This means that they can send and receive electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).  Piezoelectric crystals are the same crystals used in the original crystal radios and they can send and receive radio frequencies. The group says when they are activated it will be like being fitted with a new antenna improving telecommunication between humans and especially your communication with your own higher self.  It will also open up your own awareness of your multidimensional reality.

Medulla Oblongata Activation:

The group was very clear that these crystals will eventually activate in all humans without the need for any activation process. They were also very clear that there will be many who will offer activations and most of them will work.  The one they gave me that we offer in this course is a simple energetic activation based on a movement using the proportions of the Golden Mean.  It is designed to activate the Pineal gland and charge the crystals with the clients own energy field.  It is done through a naturally formed opening that allows direct energetic access to the Medulla Oblongata which in ancient Greek means ‘The Mouth of God’.  This is the brain stem on top of which the Pineal gland rests. It is also activated through the optic nerve in a movement you will learn as part of this course.


In this course you will:

See slides and images of dissections of the brain in order to visualize exactly what you are doing. (some may be mildly graphic)

Read and discuss the scientific experiments and how science meets what the group has been saying.

Learn both the Touch and Non-Touch methods of energetic alignment of the spine.

You will learn the Medulla Pineal activation and be certified by Lightworker to offer it to your clients. The activation is uncomplicated and takes only 60-90 mintes for a typical session.

Learn a simple energetic technique based on the Golden Mean that allows you to heal with the clients own energy.

Learn a powerful activation technique using the optic nerve.

Important Note: Prior to the activation, the physical body must have certain alignments in the area of the activation. We are aware that some who attend our seminars have credentials to touch their clients such as Doctors, Chiropractors and Massage Therapists, and some do not. Therefore we will present this portion of the material in two forms:

1 With Touch:  Mild relaxation massage and holding techniques assisting the client to straighten areas of the spine for a few minutes during the activation.

2. Without Touch:  We will also teach you ways to have your clients straighten their own bodies in a similar way by themselves.

Also as facilitators of this technique, you can choose to mix and match the techniques from both to meet specific needs of your clients.

In this course you will be touched and will be touching others.  The modality itself will be taught by touching other people but we are very good at creating a safe space for this to happen. 

This course is teaching a healing modality for you to facilitate others. It is not possible for Steve or Barbara to personally activate the trainees but within the course of learning this technique you will have several opportunities to sit and be activated yourself.

Each location may offer different arrangements and prices.  Check theLightworker schedule page for details and seminars in your area.

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