The Pentagonal Venus Cycles : Cycles of the Heart


Venus is not only the brightest planet in the sky, outshining all other planets and stars in the heavens, but Venus independently and courageously also follows its own path, rotating in the opposite direction from all the other planets in the solar system. The path of the heart.

As its orbit is closer to the Sun than the Earth’s, it can never stray very far from its source or luminosity. It’s bright, gentle, twinkling presence can be seen either light up the eastern horizon in the sky just before dawn, or the western horizon, just after sunset.  Venus is never seen during the night.

Venus completes a full revolution exactly 12 times in an 8 year Earth period and interestingly, and wonderfully, Venus traces a pentagram around the zodiac during this time.  In the past 8 years Venus has impacted 5 signs (Taurus, Libra, Pisces, Leo and Sagittarius).  It takes 1215 years for Venus to move through the entire zodiac!  Venus is linked to the birth of the Mayan calendar, and also to the completion of it, as we see its closing pentagonal cycle linked in Venus (Taurus and Libra), Juoiter (Pisces and Sagittarius) and the Sun (Leo).  So the growth of the soul (Sun) in love (Venus) and wisdom (Jupiter).

8 Earth years equals 13 Venus years.

On the 8th June, 2004, Venus crossed the path of the Sun and marked the beginning of an 8 year Venus cycle. This 8 year Venus cycle ends on June 6, 2012….as Venus transits like a beauty spot across the Sun……just before the end of the Mayan calendar and the Great Galactic Year.

This is the first Venus transit of this millennium…and it is a once in a lifetime event.  The last Venus transit pair (2 transits 8 years apart) occurred 129.5 years ago in 1874 and 1882.  The next pair will occur 113.5 years from this one in 2017 and 2125.

This transit released very powerful energies awakening the Divine Feminine –  harmonising the masculine or patriarchal forces of the Sun with the heartful, loving energies associated with Venus. Many indigeneous people, consider the eight years between these two dates as an evolutionary doorway or gestational period for the release of new ideas and world change. Potential anniversary dates that might trigger other events on Earth.

Think back to what was happening for you at the beginning of this cycle in 2004.  How has this evolved for you over the past eight years?

More great info on the Venus Cycle…..


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