Visionkeeper – WOW! – 5 July 2012

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I don’t know about anybody else but I can sure feel these latest solar flares pounding the earth. My head feels like it is in a vice and at times it almost feels like vertigo beginning but then it flashes away. They were really strong this time. I received around ten flare alerts via email yesterday and awoke this morning to eight new alerts. I feel like I am on standby awaiting boarding instructions. We are moving folks and changes are happening if you just tune in and pay attention to what is going on around you.

Our DNA is being heavily tweaked by the sun flares getting us prepared for the next phase of this journey. I am very aware these days of feeling my way through life now. Being Gemini I used to live in my head, but lately I find myself seeing things through feeling instead on a much grander level. I can sense I am grounding heavily to the earth and all of the creatures residing here as well. Many animal communications going on. I have had lengthy visits from a hummingbird and butterfly lately as well as numerous sitings of creatures I don’t normally see on a daily basis. There has definitely been a shift of sorts that has taken place and I intend to watch more closely as I wish to see the shift in action.

I believe for many, noticing things is the beginning of the process. You begin to see everything everywhere and over time you begin connecting with it all and soon you become one with all. It is like you plug yourself in and turn yourself on and the action begins. I truly hope you take quiet time to watch the wonders around you and soon the shift will begin to move within you as well. I spend a great deal of time outside looking around me and taking note of it. This way when I go out the next day I can tell if changes have occurred. You have to open and you have to be aware in your wish to observe the shift in action. I chose to be an active part in it any way I can.

Keep a close eye on your pets as well. As we were frying in the solar flares yesterday I couldn’t help but notice my cats flat out on the floor, almost as if moving were far to difficult to attempt( except when dinner time rolled around). They are feeling things just as we are, perhaps even more so given their size compared to ours. Animals are far more attuned to nature and natural happenings than we humans who have disconnected ourselves over the years. If we truly wish to survive and be a part of life it would be wise to reconnect to nature and heed her messages. Do you recall the tsunami in Indonesia where all of the animals took to the hills and mountain sides just before it hit. They know, they sense and so could we if we were closely connected.

A while back I began to keep notes on the changes I began to notice. I figure someone needs to be recording what we are going through. It is why I began this website so I would have a daily reminder of what was occurring as we traveled more deeply into ascension. As my name says, I tend to be the keeper of visions. I am an empath as well, so I feel what I see and it which can get pretty dicey at times. Being an empath I was bothered that I always had trouble grounding because of my Gemini mind. I no longer seem to have that problem. I feel like I may start taking root sometime soon.

As I pop around the internet checking sites for the latest news I have been struck how many more good news articles are appearing. People a finding their courage and are stepping out and forcing change in their own ways. Main stream media won’t tell you of course but many changes are happening and there is definitely movement afoot. Our ship has left the loading dock and set sail and there is no going back now. I hope you brought your bag lunches along. It is exciting so feel the rush and not the fear. The choice is yours. Yank the sails in and pick up speed, we are on our way to freedom!

Blessings to you all,

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