Ascension: Stepping into being Ascended Masters

Ascension: Stepping into being Ascended Masters

 By GLR Ascension Soulstice Rising

While it is most important to do the work, stay in the Now, and shift from the head to the Heart, I have been pushed for about 24 hours now by my Soul and the Pleaidian Emissaries of Light to write about this. This isn’t meant to take you away from your work at hand, for that’s most important, and certainly not to clog your intellect with more information, which it definitely doesn’t need. The way my Guidance works is something won’t leave me alone till I share it. So here I AM, sharing.

 The purpose of Ascension is to become Ascended Masters in the body. It is why it is important to bring in the high dimensional energies into us, rather than us going to them. As the Earth shifts to a higher dimension, so do we. And as masters, we are free from the old beliefs and patterns, free to live our lives as ascended masters, manifesting our Heart/Soul’s Desires, leaving behind all duality, knowing of our Oneness and Divinity without doubt.

What happens when we ascend? Well, first of all, there is no end to ascension. Many have ascended before and continue their ascensions on Earth and in other homes. So, there truly is no end goal in mind; for end goals are of the little ego; it likes definition. We continue on…

Some have a question as to where we “go” after ascension. There are many scenarios and truly, it is the Soul’s choice as to what occurs; as we are of the Free Will consciousness. Here are a few; and you may intuit your own Soul’s choice.

1. We stay on Earth where there are dual dimensions. Those who choose to stay in the Third Dimension and that of duality, of course, stay in the 3D with the duality. Those who choose to rise in consciousness and ascend are side by side in another dimension. In fact, many are doing that now…totally detached from 3D and living in a higher dimension.

2. There is a 3D planet being constructed as we speak where those who choose to remain in duality will be transported to, while those who choose ascension stay on Gaia who also is ascending. There will be a whole new way of life based in Oneness; sacred schools, where those of the 3D can choose to move up in vibration, and instead of being guided by the Pleiadians, as we have been for 26,000 years, the Sirian Emissaries of Light will then guide us to further ascension.

3. There will be a shakiput experience, where everyone will be transformed by a  huge infusion of Source  Light, which transforms everyone instantanously, including the Earth.

4. There will be an “interim” planet, for those who are straddling the fence (not wanting to really let go of the old, but still want to ascend), and it is here where they may be instructed in raising their consciousness; it is a place of, shall we say, a second opportunity. These folks can then return to the ascended Earth or go to the 3D planet.

5. Each person, as ascended Souls in the physical, then has a choice to either stay on Gaia or ascend back to their original Home or go elsewhere. They have a choice to continue to guide others on Earth or elsewhere or simply dissolve in and as the Light Source.

So, you see, as always we have choices. While it is true that we are going beyond what we attempted to do as Atlanteans and Lemurians and bring the Earth to its rightful place among other ascended planets, we also have a choice as to how we want to experience our ascension. And remember, we are not alone. We are guided by those Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Emissaries of Light…and many more who want us to succeed.

And, as always, read the above with your Heart; feel it. Yet, do not let it take you away from your work at hand…that of releasing all of the old and integrating the New, creating new life for yourself, which in turn, affects everyone around you, of course, since we truly are One Heart.

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