Ashtar on Ascension Preparation and New Technologies

Ashtar on Ascension Preparation and New Technologies

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By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 14 July 2012

Ashtar on Ascension Preparation

and New Technologies
Ashtar on the Road Teleconference 
July 10, 2012
“Greetings, Beloved Family! It is so joyful that we are here together, and I, Ashtar, stand with The Mentors, and we speak as One. And this is because we know that you have welcomed all of us into your Hearts, and indeed into the totality of your beings, so that when we come together we have a unity, a Oneness, a Communion, if you will! And we shall be going higher even, as Sekhmet leads us in another one of her Crystal Exercises,* which are indeed a co-creation of all of us, and are already in great motion Planet-wide, and beyond! They have already made the changes that we have co-created together, and there is more to come, because these are ongoing, and it is such that once set in motion these creations of ours are a perpetual support and upliftment to all of Planet Earth and the Universe beyond, because everyone is tuned in to Earth!

“This is what you say, ‘Where the Action Is,’ in the entirety of the Universe. And thus it is that our work takes on an even greater significance than what you might have imagined, because you’ve all volunteered to be here, and you’ve all volunteered to be in assistance in this mission! And so we thank you, Beloved Ones, for showing up, for understanding how important this is, and what your purpose is in being in the Oneness of all of us and with those who come from the Lighted Realms beyond, and with the Lightworkers of the World. This is the time for us all to stand together as One, because together we are indeed creating miracles, ongoing and perpetually. And so it is that we are coming again in this Oneness into this Communion, but first we have some other matters that we would discuss with you.


“You heard The Voice mention that we have the news team of Tara and Rama, and they are indeed highly connected. They have connections and contacts that no other news messengers have on Planet Earth! And we are honored that they have given us the permission – not only that they come with their Hearts open, and ready to receive and share the Love they are, but that they have given us at Ashtar on the Road, permission to publish their news reports.** And this is a new direction for us to go in. And it is the very highest of news. And it is absolutely an incredible gift that they bring to this Family. Now this is not to say that there are any news reports that you should bypass, if you are drawn to others. It is simply to say that you can be in trust of what you hear in the Tara and Rama, or the ‘A&A Report!’


“We are also pleased to tell you as we said in our, what you call, the Preview.*** The dominos are falling faster and faster. Yes, there is still censorship, particularly in the United States of America, that the news media is still not completely crossing out, or eliminating that censorship program, but you can find news in other parts of the World on the internet, or on your satellites, if you have that kind of access, and so it is that we are comfortable that you are receiving news from other places.


“There is also the opposite of news, that is, the created kinds of things, which are often interspersed with that which is the true news. It is only that you need to look within yourselves, Beloved Ones, and call forth your discernment, and you will know the Truth. It is not to get down in the dumpies, because a date is given and passes by, without news confirming that which was supposed to happen upon that date. There are many, many, many, numerous changes in the timelines in every moment. This is a huge, huge, World-wide, and beyond, effort to coordinate this Ascension Preparation.


“And as you know that is the primary mission that we have. We in the Ashtar Command are here to support and facilitate, in every way that we are allowed to do, the Preparation for Ascension. Now when we first began coming through this Voice, we were not empowered to do nearly as much as we are now, and that is because it has been a stepping up to various levels of participation, such that we are where we are now, because Beloved Ones, you have heard the call.


“You have awakened, and you have made us welcome, not just in your Hearts which are so beautiful, not just with all of the wondrous workings that we are doing together, but also to take a major part in major categories of Ascension Preparation. Such as healing, such as healing Planet Earth, such as bringing about Peace of the lasting kind – the Peace that begins within the Heart of each and every individual, and coalesces into one magnificent expression, and indeed the lifestyle of Peace on Earth.


“And as Earth comes into this Peace, this Golden Age, this Christ Consciousness, so go the other members of the Universe, which have not yet accomplished what Planet Earth is doing, which is the upliftment, if you will, into the Ascension lifestyle. Now we understand that you are looking at your calendars, and as each day goes by on your calendar, as you turn the pages of the month you are saying, ‘There is so much to do, how can we possibly get it all done by that date!’ which is generally understood to be ‘A’ Day, you know, Ascension Day.


“Well first of all let us discuss that date as Ascension Day. Yes it will be a grand lift-off. It does not have to be every single being upon Planet Earth. This is our goal, which we are continually supporting, but it does not have to be that way. There will be many, many, Ascension opportunities, and many, many, volunteers to support, assist, and facilitate the Ascension of those who are not going to be quite ready on that day. Now you know who you are, and we are not saying this to raise doubts in your minds, Beloved Ones.


“We’re talking about the ones who are very much in slumber. We’re talking about the ones who have really, really, big clearings to do. We’re talking about the ones who haven’t given any thought to it. And as these changes literally burst forth like so many rockets upon the Planet, this will cause them to stop and think about where they are now, and where they want to be. You know, Ascension is not a discussion that you see very often in your mainstream news media, do you?


“Even Obama himself is not talking about it publicly, at least not yet, but Ascension Awareness is huge. And the commitment to Love is firmly grounded in the consciousness of all upon Planet Earth, whether the individual is consciously aware of it or not. So there’s no turning back, and for those of you who have committed to Ascension, let me just say that you’re in the front of the lines, because you volunteered, because you have shown up, because you are doing your missions with such beautiful Hearts, and such Love!!!


“And so let’s not think about whether you are or aren’t. We’ll just say you are!!!What we really want to be in discussion of here is healing, and clearing, and we are talking about the toxicities. You know all about toxicities on Planet Earth. Just think about the major ones, the ones that have been in the news, although the whole story has not been told on them. What about Katrina? The results of Katrina are still very much evident and real to those of the people, and the animals who lost their homes, the trees and all of the members of the Plant Kingdom, who were uprooted as well. It is still very real. It is still needing healing. That, plus the Gulf [of Mexico] oil spill have created toxicities in that part of the World.


“And now we have the layering on of the storms, and the weather situations which are actually a part of the cleansing and clearing. These are things Mother Gaia must do. And yes there has been damage to physical things, and members of the Plant Kingdoms, the Animal Kingdoms, and to the Humans. But this is a part of Her way of doing Her part of the cleansings. If it were up to those who are still hanging onto their dark hats, these situations would have been multiplied and magnified to catastrophic proportions, because they are opportunists, you know -they always have been, and some of them still want to be, even though we are continuously presenting them the greatest opportunity on all of Planet Earth, which is to come to the Light, and switch the color of their hats, or we should say transmute. And we did a great deal of that when last we gathered for that purpose!!!****


“But it is that cleansings of the toxicities must occur – even the wild fires which seem to be so pointless, such destruction of the forests, and the animal habitats, and sometimes the habitats of the Humans. And yes, sometimes lives are lost from all of those Kingdoms, many lives. But that, too, has been a part of the cleansings, particularly in that place in the Colorado area. And the toxins from there have spread – you know if you put that area in the center, and just see them radiating out.


“There was one who was engaged in disabling the particularly destructive towers. We are not talking about your common, ordinary, everyday, microwave towers. We are talking about towers with a much more powerful purpose, of spreading what you call the ‘EMF’s’, which are toxic. He gave his life for that particular endeavor. So there is much that has had to be cleared on the ground, and below the ground in that particular area of Colorado, and areas where these different toxins and ‘EMF’s’, and so on, have spread.


“And this will be ongoing, we are not here to discuss fearful events. We are here to say, ‘Pay attention, listen to yourselves, and be where it is that you are guided to be, and all is well in your Kingdom, and all is well on Planet Earth.’ Mother Gaia has stepped up to take Her place among the healers, even though She, Herself, will be healed. Already She is in great delight at the healings that we shall be offering to Her, when we are in our Communion with Mother Sekhmet. But in the meantime, She still has great need of our help in clearing, even if you simply say, ‘Ho’oponopono,’ every time you think of Her – that is a grand cleansing! And if you do more it is so appreciated, for She loves each and every one of you, Beloved Ones, beyond words.


“And because you have given us permission, we are more and more, clearing the toxins from your airs, from your waters, from your lands. Even now we are working with the brave ones at that Fukushima Plant in Japan. That was, humm, a creation of the dark hats, and it is, and will ultimately, completely serve the purpose of justifying, indeed of awakening, and calling forth the consensus of the consciousness of Planet Earth that all nuclear plants must be closed!!!


You know, we’ve already shut down the weapons part of the nukes. We are still calling for all nuclear plants to be shut down. Obama is in complete agreement on this, and so are others, such as Dennis Kucinich and Putin, and the leader of the United Nations, and others throughout the Planet. And the day on your calendars is not far off when this shall be accomplished, but meanwhile it is good to see it as done!


“The whole, shall we say secret to the secret of manifestation is simply to see it, and know that it is done. In fact when you are in creation mode it is most appropriate if you say, ‘And I give all thanks that this is done! AND SO IT IS!!!’ You see, emphasis on SO IT IS! Because what you’re doing is, you’re stating it as Truth, and so that is a little helpful kind of an ending to put on your meditation, and your commands, and your calling forth of whatever it is that you choose to create. You are all Master Creators, you are all Master Replicators, if you want to use that term.


“What is a replicator? It is a technology that actually exists to give actual creation to whatever it is of a physical nature, and beyond, that you choose to create. Well guess what? You will all have replicators very soon – higher technology! Then the next step for you is for you to say, ‘I AM the replicator!’ And perhaps we shall then initiate a recycling program to take all of your used replicators off to someplace that is now ready for them, because you will not be needing them anymore, Beloved Ones. Now how’s that for a picture?!!!


“In the meantime, it is that your efforts combined with ours are making the difference. Some of you are well aware of seeing our bird ships in the skies, cleaning up the chem trails. Some of you are aware of the fact that places upon the Planet, that used to be, shall we say polluted, are of themselves clearing. And you’re all aware of the effect that you’re having within your beings of doing your cleansings, and clearings, so that you then radiate from a higher, shall we say a higher vibrational level, a higher frequency, that you then share with the Planet and Universe beyond!


“And this is what we are saying when we are saying that Love is well grounded, completely, permanently grounded on Planet Earth, even among those who are not aware of it. It’s done, it’s a done deal! Yes! That’s it! AND SO IT IS! Alrighty, you’re getting the picture really well, and we are very pleased that we have this information for you. Not everyone feels it, not everyone is sure of it, not everyone is certain that the tide really has turned, so to speak, and that all of these things of which I speak are really happening. But I assure you there is all of this Truth and more!!!


“Now we are participating to the fullest extent possible in clearing, or what you might call clean-up, of toxicities. And with your help and assistance, Beloved Ones, we are getting the job done! Nothing is going to be out of proportion anywhere on Planet Earth. What does that mean when I say out of proportion? Nothing is going to be so overwhelming in the way of toxicities that things start going backwards. There is only forward into the Golden Age, and that means a purer and pristine Planet Earth. Yes!


“And there are many toxic emotions that are flying around now. But, as long as you maintain your Love, and your certitude that Love is prevails, it has prevailed, it is prevailing, and it shall continue to do so. The toxic emotions will not really impact negatively on you, but you can observe them, and you can see where you can help.


“Communities are exactly what they sound like. They are places where people and members of the rest of Mother Gaia’s Kingdoms gather in commonness, commonality of mission, perhaps. Perhaps there is a community that wants to grow food to sustain itself, and to share with a neighboring community, and perhaps there is another community where musicians want to gather, and so on. This transcends borders Beloved Ones, get it? Borders are useful now. They have a purpose, but there’s not really any such thing in the higher levels of dimensionality.


“So start thinking in terms of being a helper first and foremost in your community. And your community is defined as being without borders, as being groups of people who share a common cause, common goals, common passions. So you could have some neighbors who band together, or you could be in community with one or more beautiful beings across the World geographically from where you are. It makes no difference!


“Borders have been a convenient – a very convenient item – to fight over. They have served Planet Earth quite well in creating wars have they not? Even borders between neighbors can create disputes and angers that go on and on, out of the generation where they originated, and on into the descendants. They have served a purpose to create experiences, so that the World can look upon the experiences, and remember why it is that borders have contributed so much to war, and not very much to Peace, if you really want to look at it. Because when you say, ‘All right we’re going to create a border, we’re going to create a border here, what does it do? Well, for one thing the grass is always greener, is it not? And so you have the people on each side of that border saying, ‘Humm, I’d really like to move this border outward from my part of the country.’


“It is when borders come down that Love is spoken universally!!! Look at the very famous border that was created in your lifetimes, Beloved Ones, or in some of your lifetimes, we shall say. We know you’re all rejuvenating anyway, so the years on the calendar don’t make a lot of difference, but we’ll just say for the sake of history/herstory. Look at the Berlin Wall. Now that was a border! The entire World focused upon the Berlin Wall. The entire world cried with heartache at that particular border. And the entire World cheered when that border went down!!!Not just the beings who lived on either side of that wall, but it was World-wide and beyond. You may have heard a few cheers from us, too, because we were with everyone of you in Heart, and in Joy when that border went down!


“So think of community. Think of your passions, think of your neighbors if you wish, your family, and think about what it is that you’re going to do with your coming abundance. Those of you who will be receiving the bank accounts in St. Germain’s Bank, those of you who will be receiving gifts from those who are receiving the prosperity funds for humanitarian projects – your one big mission with those dollars is spend it!!! But there are so many ways that you could spend it. Whatever you do with it – just do it with your Heart and with your passion!Everybody’s going to have so much abundance, and it’s going to come fast, and the opportunities to spend it will be there.


“The new technologies are largely here. We bring them with us – in fact we have already placed them in what you would call secure places, ready to distribute. We have seeds with us, Beloved Ones, seeds that can re-grow an old growth forest in as little time as one month upon your calendar; seeds that can grow crops to feed the entire Planet in as little as one week upon your calendar! We have technologies for building. Remember replicators? Oh yes. We’ve got, let’s just say distribution centers, full of replicators already. They’re hiding. We can hide things you know. We can cloak things. So it’s not like we’re right out there on Main Street with a big sign, ‘Get Your Replicator Here!’ By the way, it’s free, or it will cost a tiny, just a tiny speck of your new abundance, if that is the best way to set it up. You see, we need to be in partnership with the Humans who have stepped up, and already indicated that they are wanting to partner with us.


“By the way you’re on that list, every one of you. It is simply for you to say your passion. And, well, we respect your privacy. We have a disclaimer on that – your privacy is yours! If you choose not for us to see what your passion is, so that we can be ready to meet you on your passionate ground, that is A-OK. If you want to give us permission all you need to say is, ‘I give you permission to see what my passion is, because I’m ready to step into the lifestyle of it!’ How easy is that? And if you don’t have every little detail in place, all the better, because things are changing constantly. The time lines are changing, and the details are changing. They have to!


“Now let me see – what else is there that will give you Joy? Ah, energy, energy, energy, we’re talking all kinds of energy. We’re talking about your energy -rejuvenation – yes, check, that’s on the list! That’s big time and that’s going to happen real fast. Energy to power – you have these wondrous machines, but they are rather archaic, and no longer need to be powered with what you call the cord, and the ’emf,’ and so on, and so on. There are new ways of accessing power which are silent.


“Imagine that every time that you are holding your hairdryer up to your head, and you’re not only knowing that you’ve got some ‘EMF’ coming your way, but you’ve got some noise. Imagine that until you get to where you actually just call it forth the hairdo of your dreams, or just hair, if that be the case. Just imagine in absolute silence you can have your hair fall in whatever way you want it to – not fall out – fall, in a pattern of your choosing, and the next moment you can change it because you will have a magic device which will not release any toxins. I might even go so far as to say it will be healthy for you, and won’t make any noise!


“You’re going to hear your own voices, your voices of your Guides, your voices of your Higher Self, your voices of your Divinity, and of your Hearts, Beloved Ones, a lot easier when you don’t have so much noise pollution. How about that? How about that? And we will have ongoing facilitation and support. You want to learn some music of the spheres; you want to communicate with the animals, you want to do this you want to do that – say so, let your passions show!!! Make a list. How about when we finish this call, and when you come back down to 3D Earth, or wherever you want to come back to -nothing that says you can’t stay in the Higher Dimensions if you wish – You might want to make a little Passion List! That’s right – Passion List! What do you have passion for? It’s all good, it’s all worthwhile, as long as it’s high vibe, as long as it comes from Love! And then start saying, ‘And so it is! IT IS DONE!!!’


“Well I’m so excited to be here, and I have given you reports of that which is already ordained for Planet Earth. And so I want to thank you, Beloved Ones, all of you who have come, all of you who will come as you read, or listen again, to that which we are giving as our message for you. It is from our Hearts; it is Truth, and above all else, it is our unlimited and infinite Joy to be so blessed by your conscious presence with us! And oh yes, because you’re here you are empowering these words to reach way beyond wherever you are, to go out to the entire Planet. Beloved Earth is shining in the Sun, and radiating a constant message of Love and Joy, and the Peace that passeth all understanding, indeed.

“And so it is! Salut!”

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