Divine Empowerment


 By GLR Claudia McNeely

July 13 – 2012

Today’s Energy is overwhelmed. We are just too overwhelmed by yesterday’s long lasting X Class Solar Flare. We thought we were going to get a bit of a breather, but immediately after I sent out yesterday’s Report, the Sun decided to show it’s power. We have been excited, anxious and tired. Our skin is burning and our bodies are heating up from the intense energy. We will be feeling thisintense energy through the weekend as we feel the full effects of the Solar Flare and Coronal Mass Ejection. With Mercury beginning it’s retrograde motion Sunday, we can expect computer and electronic issues. The Sun is now eerily quiet, which probably will not last since the large Sun Spot is facing Earth directly. There have been Earthquakes in Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, California, Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Fiji, Sandwich Islands and Iran. There are reports of headache, neck pain, jaw pain, back pain, hip pain, foot pain, joint pain, chest pain, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, stomach bloating, nausea, muscle pain, hot flashes, sweating, burning skin, loud ear noises, high blood pressure, dizziness, feeling unbalanced, fuzzy headedness, confusion, anxiety, panic attacks, moodiness, angry outbursts, fatigue, insomnia, strange dreams, vivid dreams and of course, the ever present exhaustion. Animals are quiet and needy. Computers are acting up and people are driving erratically. With Mercury going retrograde be sure to back up your computer. This is a good time to take a deep breath and think before you speak, because emotions are running high. The weekend is going to be intense and active. Be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Emergen C or Coconut water is good for balancing the Electrolytes. 1/2 Teaspoon of Sea Salt will help with integrating the intense energies. Baths or showers will help to cool off the excess heat. Eat lots of raw foods for energy, though you may be craving high carb, comfort foods.

Use the Energetic Clearing Technique http://www.askclaudia.com/energeticclearingtechnique.htm to heal any physical or emotional issues. Thank you to all who share this valuable information! 

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