Astria Of Electra. ~ Akashic Overlays, Human Warriors And The Joys Of 5th Dimensional Form. By, AuroRa Le. July 22, 2012.




♒ It is my wish this day to speak with you about the physical Human form and it’s changability, as Gaia moves farther along in her evolutionary cycle.  I must tell you, I mean to generalize here.  As well you know, the billions upon billions of individual souls inhabiting the Earth are a diverse lot.  More diverse now, in fact, than at any other juncture in her long and colorful history.  While all may appear uniform on the outside-allowing for insignificant variations in color, shape and size-what lies within is anything but uniform at all. 

♒ You have each birthed yourselves here in order to be a part of this thrilling expedition.  You have arrived from every  corner of our Universe.  Do remember that this is a Universe which stretches on and on, with neither beginning nor end.  Many of you have played an integral part in the Earth Experiment since it’s inception, and you are strongly intertwined with her energies.  If you are one such as this, I must presume that you know it.  You shall intensely feel a sense of unwavering commitment and a loving devotion, permeating every fiber of your being.  Your adoration for Gaia is rich and true, and in your heart you know that there is nothing you would not do to insure her health and security.  You cannot possibly feel otherwise, as your incarnations here are far too may to count and your ties to her run deep.  Unlike many of the Starseeded Ones, your past-life recollections are genuinely your own.  You are known to be well-seasoned Human Warriors, and need no schooling in the arts of survival.  Instinctively you know the safest ways to navigate about in such an aggressive society as this.  You sense yourselves as Earthly-born, and none alive upon her soil today could know her any better.  In your own language, one might term you “streetwise.”  And you are tired, Dear Hearts.  The endless cycle of reincarnation has worn you down.  How weary you have grown of the endless fighting, the constant wars and struggle.  Are you at a point yet, where you are ready to be done with it all?  Inconceivable though it may sound, do trust me when I say that relief is soon on the way.

♒ As for the rest of you, you are the Starseeded Ones.  The selfless visitors and volunteers.  You petitioned the High Councils for the opportunity to come here and serve.  Maybe once, maybe twice, maybe multiple times.  Then for others, such as my Sister, your presence was requested.  You overcame your trepidation and your doubts, and complied.  Of course you would accept!  The why’s and how’s of how you came to be here matter little, and the reasons are as numerous and varied as there are stars in the sky.  But be assured that your mission had to be of primary importance, else you would never have been sent.  Pray, I could count upon my toes and fingers the small number who said no-and as I am Pleidan, mine number 20,  just like yours! 

♒ So there you were, primed and ready for your grand expedition.  With the assistance of the Wise Ones, you devised a plan and set your goals.  Carefully, you chose familial lines, a place of residence and the life-lessons which would best suit you to learn in the course of your training for just this point in time-the time of Gaia’s unparalleled ascension.  It could be no simpler, yes?  Or so you thought!  Because of your limited, if not nonexistent exposure to the harshness of a 3rd density existence, you could hardly be expected to descend here unprepared.  A type of seasoning was needed, as this society can be a most perilous place for the innocent.   By The Creators’ good grace, the Akashic Books were thrown open for perusal by the Starseeded Ones.  Under The Elders’ meticulous supervision, a careful selection of experiences were chosen by you.  Loaned to you, for the duration of your stay on earth.  We refer to these borrowed memories as Akashic Overlays.  These overlays are comprised of a collection of past life experiences, teachings,  interrelational experiences, and an assortment of lessons-both tragic and enjoyable in nature.   Contractual agreements were then drawn up between yourself and the most generous soul whose memories you were most graciously lent access to.  All come together in the interest of the greater good, you see, and such is the beauty of dwelling in Unity Consciousness.

♒ Know that you are not your body.  You are Light, pure Light.  Your body is a beautiful tool, a form of physical expression.  I, as an Angelic Light, choose the 5th dimensional Pleidian form, and you will find that this is a most popular form of choice by the Angelic Realms.  Light enough to be mutable and to vibrate high, it is also dense enough to be seen clearly by beings of all types and vibrational consistency.  The 5th vibrational level allows us to partake of the joys of sensory experience, without limiting in any way our creative and communicative abilities, or our freedom to move about the Universe as we like.  Your bodies are right now transmuting into this same 5th level of vibration; and yes it is true that you will have the option to proceed upwards to higher levels, if that is your wish.  Or even to carry no form at all.  This is to be your free choice. 

♒ It is a common trap amidst the Earthly experience to identify with the body as who you are.  Please be aware that this is just not so.  This is an understandable misconception, a byproduct of the amnesiac veil, and one which has caused you no small amount of heartache and distress.  But know that herein lies the division:  you are a Being of Light inhabiting-yes, I say inhabiting-an evolving, 3rd dimensional vessel.  In some respects, I see this as akin to the vehicles you place yourselves inside in order to get to your desired destination.  You would never consider yourselves to be that vehicle, would you?  The difference between the two is that the Human vessel is organic in nature, and living.  It is a magnificent creation by The Creators own hand,; and it is physically birthed by another physical vessel, which carries over to yours a specific genetic lineage.  This lineage comes complete with thousands of years of programming-learned reactions, preferences, physical traits, phobias, likes and dislikes, and possible a predisposition to addictions.  When you, the Being of Light, enter into this vessel, you make yourselves vulnerable to the genetic history it carries within it’s cellular makeup.  Then add to the recipe  your own particular past-life experiences, or overlays, and you might find yourself mixed up in quite an uncomfortable concoction, to be sure.

♒ Are you critical of your body?  Are you distressed by how it looks or feels?  Is it too heavy or too thin?  Too statuesque or small?  Ate you plagued by ill health?  Frustrated to distraction by your inability to remember who you are and from whence you came?  Frightened of something, but you can’t imagine why? These are all part and parcel of the 3rd dimensional experience, triggered by your inner knowing that you reside in this body, but it is just not you.  You know this in your heart, but feel you are trapped.  You are often out of resonance with it. But you are not trapped, Dear Hearts. The Light is pouring in and changing all that.  You grow brighter and more mutable by the day.  You are remembering.  Yes.  Examine the direction of your thoughts, the persistent calls of Us, and of your True Self.  You are reading my words, so that perchance they may spark in you a memory or two.  And, yes, I lace them with much healing energy, so as this shall be the desired effect.  As your body lightens it shall change.  The sadness and confusion shall lessen.  No longer shall the body be beset by sickness and pain, forgetfulness and lower emotions.  Your 5th dimensional form can be altered at your will, and a new harmony and rapport will be felt with it, by you.  But you must not ever lose faith that this miracle is happening-to you and by your belief that it is truly so.

♒ Be ever confident in the will of God.  The Creators’ convictions never waver.  This is and has always be the plan, that Gaia and all those she carries with her shall ascend.  When next I speak with you, I shall bring you to my Sister’s homeplace of Maia.  And you shall take a short journey with AuroRa and myself.  Until that time, wish for you the greatest love, patience and peace.

I Am Archeia Astria.

* I was still connected with Astria when I chose the artwork for this post.  The Temple in the picture looks really similar to her Golden Temple of Healing on Electra, when I’ve seen it telepathically.  Also, while scrolling through the decorative characters  on my my computer, she indicated that this one ♒ is closest to what she wanted.  I’m often shown  one just like it during dreamtime travel, while doing work in the water, except it has 3 rows of waves.  It’s inlaid onto a type handheld device I sometimes carry, which looks and feels like it’s made of Teflon, like on our cookware.  She has told me that the meaning of symbols can vary depending on culture and purpose.  She said that on my device, it refers to water and transmutation.  And she added that, for her message, 2 rows will do just fine!

Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

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