Bill Ballard ~ Mastering & Holding Your Light “The Ascension of Mother Earth & Humanity”


Bill Ballard ~ Mastering & Holding Your Light “The Ascension of Mother Earth & Humanity”

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Bill Ballard | December 31 2011

The greatest thing we can do while in incarnation is to truly understand what is eternal – what we are – and begin our mastery of that. So what are we truly? When we remove this body, find the soul, and begin exploration of that we find at our core we are nothing more than consciousness. What IS consciousness? Consciousness IS vibration, the highest form of spirit, and that which creates this illusion we experience and call life.There are different and individual levels of one consciousness that, when slowed in vibration, manifests into LOVE, Light, sound, physical density and emotions. All are various levels of the original thought or consciousness we term God. To master the density of this life we live we must master the vibrations so that our illusion is created just as we desire.

This can be termed Mastering the Light, as that is the mastery of the vibrations. An Ascended Master is nothing more than one who has followed this path mastering this illusion and the vibrations we call life. Life is truly eternal. Everything in this existence is nothing more than vibration known with words as Spirit or Holy Spirit. In this we are all connected to ALL That IS, or God. We are each different expressions of that ONE vibration, but vibrating on different levels thereby creating our illusion on an individual, and various collective levels. But no matter how much we have fragmented, we are each still part of that one.

Light is simply that vibration of Spirit we each feel, utilize and create. Light can be termed spirit, energy, life force, chi, prana, or the field. There are many names and descriptions for this same thing we feel and try to put words to. For the most part, feeling is the key to understanding the light, as it only can be “seen” in the vibrational dimensions we attune ourselves to. In the lowest of these dimensions, the 3rd, we can only see the light that vibrates more slowly – that visible spectrum you’re used to seeing in this illusion. There are spectrums of light in ranges we cannot perceive in this density as we presently know it. We as humans (now) only see about 3% of the actual known spectrum of Light. That will soon change.

In the spiritual sense of light, the light we feel is the only true reality in this illusion we presently see and experience. Why do I say that? With that I mean, because it is fixed and eternal. It is pure energy and it lasts forever, as it is truly all there is. It is a slowed vibration of consciousness. It is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega. WE came from it, and we shall return to it. All else in the illusion changes as the vibration we experience in life changes. We as fragments of the ONE are experiencing this, and to each play a part in experiencing all that is in the illusion. As we do we are playing our part of the divine plan, helping creator to understand what it is. That is our mission as individuals, having our different lives, experiencing what we each do, as individuals and as the collective.

To do so we volunteered to drop into these lower dimensions for that experience of this illusion. The call to do that, to experience duality, was for multiple reasons which I have written about many other times so I will not get into that here. Now as we ascend both individually and as the collective we are creating new illusions to play in. Each illusion we experience, learn to master and comprehend its meaning, and, when done, ascend to even a new and different illusion. It is a journey that will be repeated until all that can be experienced in this universal reality/illusion is learned and we are called home. Now that we have mastered these lower 3rd and 4th dimensions, which is the separation from source, we finally realize we ARE the creator of our own individual lives and it is time to create something new. For the old illusion it is now game over. Mastery of vibration and light is how we master our illusion, our creation, and our lives. Becoming an Ascended Master is one of the greatest things we can do while in the lower densities of human form.

There are many ways of understanding the light but simply put, one must turn inside, to the feeling of the vibrations. That is the only thing that is eternal and therefore real. All exterior – what you see with your eyes opened – is the illusion which we create collectively. We can also change it collectively just as we do individually. Playing in another’s illusion (life) can be comfortable only if they vibrate with a similar level of light or if not, it can be very irritating to the person of higher vibration. Lower vibrations are dense and heavy, where persons are in their ego, fear, materialism, confusion, drama, and are constantly having their emotional crap as there is never enough, or things don’t work out, or there are always problems, or someone else to blame. Lower vibrations always find fault. Higher vibrations don’t have that experience as it all has been mastered. That is partly why those masters previously went to an ashram away from all those who are in the lower vibration. They don’t want the crap or need to learn the lessons those others have not yet understood and completed. Do you blame them?

As the current ascension begins we are finding ourselves associating with others of similar vibration and on the same path, and with the same awareness as our own. We share knowledge and help each other because we each have different pieces to the puzzle. We are all both students and teachers. As we do we go through the process of increasing the light in our own field and vibrating ever higher. We find ourselves relearning or remembering many things we knew and have always known hidden deep within our soul. Being with others of the same or similar vibrations helps us to remember and to unlock those codes of understanding, bringing ourselves into ever higher awareness and states of ever expanding consciousness. We are becoming aware of All That IS (God, (“ourselves”) as we ascend out of the densities of forgetfulness and the veils are removed. That IS ascension in one description.

How do we increase our Light and vibration? We do this in many ways, as there are many techniques. The one that works for me the best is simply turning my focus inside and concentrating on that. That is pretty much a constant way of being for me now. Meditation is 24/7 in while doing everything I do. Turning inward to feel this spirit that is my fragment of the whole and aligning my thought/consciousness on that, bringing more of me – my soul – into this body is the way I have found that works best for me. When you realize you truly are Soul, and, on an even greater level, simply a fragment of All That IS, you then begin to desire to fill your physical form with more and more of that which is you, the divine light. Then you are on the path of mastery ascending back home. Consciousness and Light is truly all there is on the spiritual level. Everything is made up of that. You are that light. You are that spirit, that vibration. Pull as much of you as you can into your physical form. You do that by your consciousness and being aware that you can do that. You are only limited by that which you limit yourself by. You make up the rules you play by. Expanding consciousness is removing those rules.

It is that light, energy, spirit, vibration, prana, life force, spiritual energy or whatever words you use to term it which manifests into your experience of life. You create that yourself. The more light you have contained in your energy field –  your Merkabah – along with the higher vibration of your physical being, the more readily this manifestation occurs in your life. You are mastering the illusion at that point, performing what you used to think of as miracles. It is really the natural way of living your life, but conscious of it. We each are the masters of our illusion but some do this unconsciously while those who are awakened do so with focused intent.

In reality we are all the masters of our illusion. So the question becomes what is it you desire to create and experience? Law of attraction states what you put out to the universe will return a manifestation of the same vibration, but amplified, thereby creating your life experiences… WE all do this. So we are no victims if we have bad experiences in our life. We have created this by what we put out or by what we allow to come in to our fields and do this for our experiences. That is why one on the mastery path masters each thought, emotion and vibration that goes out. They know they must be very careful in what they think, feel, allow into their fields and what persons they may be corded by who attune to their energies. Spiritual vampires may want that energy you have or have you share in their lower vibrations. That cording for feeding off another’s life force only works in the 3rd and 4th dimensions and cannot happen in higher realms. That is why there are no negative ETs in the 5th dimension and higher. The level of ego is limited by the 4th dimension. You must be in your heart to advance from there.

If you choose to have a life of bliss and higher vibrations where it is all good you must master what you are putting out to the universe. If one feels like they want sympathy, compassion from others, then they create situations where they are helpless. In their illusion they become helpless. A person in that situation has given away their power. They indeed are not helpless but they have chosen that role for their experience. There are no victims but rather just learning experiences designed for soul growth. For one to give their power away, become helpless and have a difficult life, that individual fragment who is a Son or Daughter of God has created that situation they desire to experience for themselves. There is no reason anyone should feel sorry for them as they must realize that they created the situation being experienced and only they themselves can change that helpless situation. Don’t buy into it and give them your power and energy by having pity, as they will not learn their lesson and realize they are creating their situation. It is better to explain that they are creating their situation and leave them to experience what they have created until they have had enough and change it. Nonetheless, compassion is given to them from those of the higher realms whether they realize it or not, as we have ALL gone through this process in our own journeys of mastery… It is when we choose not to have that crap in our lives any longer that we align ourselves with our own personal mastery, becoming Ascending Masters. It is a personal choice!

So how does one increase their light? Realize it and focus upon it is the first step. As you learn to feel the light inside yourself and your field you learn you can magnify it, raise or lower the frequency, attuning to the various levels and dimensions. It is like tuning into a radio station. In a way that is how telepathy works as we tune into another’s resonant frequency. Learning to do this and becoming multi-dimensional will eventually happen on your path to mastery. As you begin to learn or remember and recognize this you can ask your guides, angels or whatever higher ascended master(s) you choose to work with you as you go. Ask them to send you light until you learn to manifest and control it yourself. That’s how it works. We all have help from the universe, IF we ask. The universe is in service to our path of mastery. We are all on the stairway back to heaven, together. We are all on different steps on that stairway and will be helped spiritually by those on a higher level.

Asking is Key when you begin. Maintaining your focus on what you wish to create attracts it into your life. You will be given all the help you need. You see, once you understand this concept while on your path you realize that universal service is key to us all returning to source and fulfilling our part of the Divine Plan. To ascend in this cycle going to the next level you must be 51% in service to others… It has also been stated that at least 51% of your karma must be balanced, but in my understanding, karma cannot go to the 5th dimension and higher anyway. All karma and those attachments must be cleared through forgiveness and released, healed. Karmic ties were what was used in the lower dimensions of duality to play the games we did between souls.  We played for the lessons learned from life. There is no need for karma and repeating these lessons in the higher realms.

During the Fall of Atlantis we shifted into the lower dimensions by moving from our hearts into our heads. We became beings of ego and fear in those lower dimensions. Learning to move your consciousness from your head (ego) back to your heart is one of the steps beginning your ascension process. Consciousness – which we have been taught by the 3D illusion, by our schools and training – as only residing in the brain, is not a reality. Your consciousness is the true you, that which always is, has ever been and will ever be. Consciousness is not fixed in the brain and can be moved anywhere you choose. How do you think astral projection works? Thinking it is only in the brain limits you and leaves you in a state of duality as the brain is right/left and functions in polarity. Manifestation from the brain also creates both polarities, that which you desire as well as that which you don’t.

That was the problem with the book, movie and concept known as “The Secret”. If you don’t shift from the brain sure you can create money, but you also create the opposite effect which takes your money. That happens when you create from the brain. When you create from your heart, only that intent is manifested, and done so much more as the energy field of the heart is far greater in its power that that of the brain. When you really get the art of manifestation you have no desire for the material things anyway. You find you have everything you need readily available. Earthly matters fall away as your focus becomes more vertically aligned.

The heart, when the consciousness is moved there, is of ONENESS and connected to the source field of all there is or God and far more than the brain ever could be. You learn to “feel” instead of “think” about things. Feeling is truthful as the thought can be illusion. You feel the truth rather than seeing it. As you maintain your focus of shifting your consciousness from your head into the heart, sooner or later the Heart Chakra will “activate”. This will generate an electrical field or energy toroid around your physical body. It is like a giant energy donut that goes from your heart down to your feet up and around to your head and back into your body. Scientists have now measured that “activated” heart chakra energy field at more than 50,000 times the power of the electrical field of the brain. This is the first of the true Ascended Mastery initiations and is defined as being the 5th Ascension or Ascended Mastery Initiation. It is the beginning of the En-Lighten-Ment. It is a sensation of Rapture and is a permanent state of bliss occurring in one’s life from that point on. It is the point of no return in one’s ascension process. At that point, you are Christed.

The first Ascended Mastery initiation is the desire to know one’s self, or find God. You choose to find your way up the mastery path when you do this. Everything soon unfolds as you make that choice. There is a probationary period by soul as you do this. That is designed to see IF you really want to complete the Earth School Experience. To understand that probationary period you must understand the descension process and how we became the individual fragments of consciousness you recognize yourself as being. Ascending is nothing more than a reversal of descending from where we came. I will not get into that subject here as I have previously written about that process.

The second ascension initiation is passed as the probationary period has been reached and one has maintained his/her desire to ascend. This probationary time in past lives could have been a whole lifetime. Now in the End Times as we are completing this cycle known as the Piscean Age, that probationary period can possibly occur in weeks.

Everyone on Earth has the same ability to ascend if they decide now, right now. But you do have to have that desire. Everyone who asks and stays focused on their work will be given help. Time is sped up now as we spiral to the center point if you have not noticed. That will indeed continue as we move closer to mass ascension and oneness. The probationary period may be far less time now for those waking as the vibration of Earth has increased, allowing an expanded consciousness to manifest more readily. What took many of us on this path a lifetime, if not many lifetimes to accomplish, can now be done by those awaking now, not in years, but rather in months or weeks, because time has sped up. Those who have led the way have put their experiences into the consciousness grid for all humanity to learn from. That consciousness grid can be looked at as our collective Akashic Record for Earth which anyone can attune to.

The third Ascension mastery initiation is the conscious embodying of one’s soul. People think that they have already done this but when you realize the vastness of the soul and that it is experiencing multiple realities at the same time, and in multiple dimensions and universes, and in various physical forms far beyond just you, you realize that what is in your physical form is only a very tiny fragment of who you truly are. And even then that is only a small fragment of what you truly are on the grandest scale, which is ALL THAT IS, or God. You are that and that is you! I AM THAT I AM! Does that make sense?

Bringing more of YOU into your physical form is what you are doing as you increase your light, for THAT IS YOU! YOU ARE THAT LIGHT! This initiation is the conscious realization of embodying soul but in reality that understanding of embodying the true you – bringing heaven to earth – is ever expanding. Look at the tip of your little finger’s fingernail. That is how much soul is actually in your physical body. That should be a good representation to you. The trick is to get the whole of that which is you – your soul – into your little body.That is done by the expansion of what you think you are – by expanding your consciousness. It is an ongoing and eternal process as we ascend back to source.

Consciousness is truly what you are at the core. Consciousness is truly what God is. All else is only different levels of vibration slowed so we can experience this we think of as reality and become individual fragments of the ONE or God for the collective experience. Bringing as much of that consciousness and light into your physical body is how you expand. That IS the path of mastery.

The fourth ascension initiation is allowing soul to manipulate life for its experiences. It is the Soul that is connected to source and is fed by your life experiences. You are only an incarnation of the soul in human form. People have a very difficult time when soul wants the individual to do one thing but that individual is in his/her ego and not listening and decides to do another. Conflict occurs at that point and lessons are being given to that individual that will continue until that person has recognized what initiates the conflict and surrenders to the soul. That’s a difficult thing to master, Learning to be still, quiet, and meditate is the process of learning to hear what soul is telling you.

Harmony and synchronicities will eventually result when soul is allowed to run one’s life and there will be a smooth experience no matter what else goes on around you in the world. In these End Times when the vibration is increasing and humanity becomes more and more spiritual the old paradigm is collapsing. There is so much chaos. Spirit does not want you to have a problem life unless you are choosing that for yourself by being in ego rather than living life from your heart.

Problems will occur in the lives of all who choose ego as that is part of learning your lessons. In the end times that will be amplified greatly. Being tired of that crap and wanting a better way is the beginning of the mastery process. Allowing spirit to control your life gives you direct connection to source and the Divine Plan. The ego doesn’t understand the divine plan. However, each individual can take as long as they desire to learn that lesson. And it could take a whole additional cycle of 26,000 years for some currently on Earth to learn. About 2,500 more lifetimes of crap before they learn their lessons and come to the next time of graduation. Although anyone can do it in any lifetime they choose. But right now there is much help as this ascension in en masse.

The fifth ascension initiation is the first one that brings a person into the path of true Ascended Mastery. The transfiguration in one’s physical being begins here. It is most easily defined as the “activation” (NOT OPENING) of the heart chakra. This takes an initiate into Christ Consciousness. When the heart chakra activates the light becomes an  intense sensation of LOVE and true bliss which becomes permanent in one’s body. There is NO mistaking it as it feels like a little sun has lit up where the heart used to be.

Basically you have turned on the first of the nuclear power plants within your physical body, and that is when the energy toroid that is activated from the heart increases your energy field by more than 50,000 times… Each additional chakra activated and higher chakra download expands the field by 10x. This is an ever and ongoing process all the way back to source. These initiations take time for the body to transform and transfigure as the process unfolds.

In the 5th ascension initiation many things happen. The first is the cessation of the karmic roles and of life death cycles that one has been on throughout their previous incarnations while in Earth School. The individual graduates and becomes a beginner-level Ascended Master. This initiation is the entry into 5th dimensional Christ Consciousness and awareness. That person has begun the return into oneness and finds his/her connection to source. These things NO ONE can do for you – not Jesus, Buddha, Maitreya or any other ascended master. They don’t want to spoil your fun and lessons of Earth School. These masters or any Melchizedek can only tell you and describe the process you must do and complete for yourself. If not now then you will be doing it in the future. There is no better time than right now! You have help.

The 5th level initiate has truly embodied that which they are on a higher level. A connection to All That IS or God is now recognized in a different way than before. The initiate realizes the divinity of all creation and h/er connection to it. The energy that is in one’s field at that point is so magnified by the activation of the heart chakra that they become a broadcasting station as well as an antennae. They have reached the level of an “Energy Bearer” and are transfiguring not just themselves but the world, planet and people around them. That is when we are truly changing the vibration of Mother Earth and changing our world.

In 2009 there was a call sent forth by Archangel Michael for a minimum number of 8,000 individuals worldwide to activate in this manner. 8,000 is the square root of 1% of the planet’s population of 7 Billion, which is the required number of individuals needed to shift the whole planet’s consciousness for Earth and humanity’s ascension process. This was the “hundredth monkey” effect.

Previously, during the Harmonic Convergence as well as the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway it took a minimum of 144,000 individuals with a focused intent joining in to activate the planet. We were not in our mastery at that point in time but these events began the End Times and the 25 year process of the Great Awakening.

The Harmonic Convergence harmonized those who participated and shifted the Earth’s frequencies back into the 4th dimension, beginning the process of her ascension and humanity’s awakening. The Opening of the 11:11 Doorway allowed the Earth’s vibrations to speed up and has continued since. Humanity’s consciousness began expanding greatly then. There were a million of Archangel Michael’s Legions who were the volunteers incarnating on Earth for the purpose of unified focus for those planetary events. These volunteers were awake and consciously aware of the process and what Mother Earth was going to go through at that time in history. 2011 is the End of that Great Awakening for humanity, as finally the whole of humanity is now vibrating faster and expanding their consciousness. The End of 2011 is the closing of the 11:11 Doorway.

In the 5th Ascension initiation (as the vibration of the physical being occurs) many shifts begin in the body as the transfiguration process unfolds. The body holds more and more light within itself. The individual’s Merkabah is activated by this 5th initiation.

The Merkabah is the boundary of the Light body and is seen as spinning double-star tetrahedrons. It will be ever expanding as the individual expands and grows in the return to source or God. One of the first things that happens as the vibrations of the physical body speeds up is the body goes through a detox, dropping everything of lower density. That can be very uncomfortable or even painful. For me it was extremely painful and showed up as lower back problems, gout and joint problems. I did not understand what was going on at that time, but I do now as so many other persons are going through these same things.

Ascension symptoms will be different for each individual and I hope no one goes though that which I experienced. For me though, my ascension process began while Earth was in the 4th dimensional frequencies while I was experiencing 5th dimensional frequencies. Since the beginning of 2011 the 5th dimensional frequencies are manifesting on Earth and I feel like I am finally at home. This process of ascending Mother Earth has been very uncomfortable for me as it has been for many others who came here as volunteers. We were vibrating so much faster in our personal frequencies and no one else was. They felt comfortable in the lower vibrations while it was almost sickening to us. We tried to lower our vibrations by drinking, smoking or drugs… That is one of the things most volunteers had in common trying to lower their vibration to fit in and be normal.

In this incarnation I came in to this body in 1962 but came with a 4th dimensional awakened state, knowing a fragment of my connection to source, remembering what I was here to do. Earth was in a 3rd dimensional state and in one of her darkest periods then. I NEVER felt as if I belonged and wondered why so much on Earth was so very wrong. I was never comfortable and wondered why I was put here in such misery. This process until now has been a long and arduous journey as we have made the changes occur with Mother Earth necessary for her and humanity’s ascension. WE are there now!

What happens as the body speeds up and more light comes in to the physical form is that each atom vibrates faster than previously. The feeling of expansion is like a shot of caffeine or amphetamines. It is like speed as one goes through this process. It is very much like a drug, one which the person wants more of as they increase their frequency and even more of this sensation occurs. As I look back on my own younger years and that too of the situation on a global scale, I realize that humanity’s doing drugs was the search for this feeling – looking for this memory of ecstasy which I presently experience. This sensation is the norm now. All of these drugs were mimicking the sensations of the body as the chakras activate.

That is what so many persons doing drugs are looking for. It is the sensation of home, the memory of the bliss one feels when connected to source and who they truly are. When activated it is a permanent state of bliss, and of LOVE in the highest levels, and unconditional for all that is. Description of this experience is difficult to explain to another who has not experienced it themselves. But I can say it is like the feeling of being IN LOVE, except this sensation is never ending. Originally as I went through the 1st stages of my 5th initiation I called it a “never ending cosmic orgasm.” That really is a good description.

When the body begins to detox in the 5th initiation it is very important to watch what one intakes as food, chemicals or the vibrations of others, and their environment. All of these things are a part of one’s diet of vibration. All of these things cause toxicity in the physical and emotional body that WILL be and must be cleared out.

Detox can be very uncomfortable. Detoxing and the reason it is happening is like being on a merry-go-round. When you are centered at the axis it is a smooth ride as you spin and spiral faster and faster. On the outer edge is where the gravity of centrifuge is trying to sling you away from that spinning center. The same thing is going on in your body as you increase vibration. All the lower energies and lower density inhabiting your body will be thrown away as you increase your frequency and add light into your field. All distractions, no matter what they are, must be dealt with. Clearing karma and old thought patterns are as important as the foods you eat. Removing the cords connecting you to others choosing to remain in the old karmic illusion must be done. These can even be persons for whom you have had great love.

As you increase your light and vibration you become a radio receiver transmitter on a much higher level. You broadcast higher vibrations. You will find at this point that many persons who were in your life drop away as their vibration no longer matches yours.Their vibration can actually feel sickening to you as you increase and their vibration remains low and yours goes ever higher. Don’t worry. Everyone here is on the Ascended Mastery path sooner or later. That is what Earth School is all about. You will be the guides of those you have loved so in the future if you choose. We are all helping each other up that stairway to heaven. No one will be left behind although they may not come this ascension period.

At this level you realize your true divinity and your direct connection to Source. This direct connection allows you the information you need. There is NO ONE TO FOLLOW. Only follow yourself as you master you. You have embodied your true being. Let your higher self control your life. Life then becomes very magical as synchronicities flow readily. That IS your new way of being. You have actually completely surrendered to spirit and to helping initiate the Divine Plan as a conscious participant.

Your focus from then on is to increase your light and expand your being. The illusion and those things around you lose your focus of attention. At this level one really turns inside to where truth is. The focus becomes almost continuously on the elevation of one’s frequency and light. There is nothing in the 3-4D world that is more satisfying than this increase of light around you… Truly it’s better than all those things we have loved here on Earth as a human including food, sex, drugs, or even rock n roll. The illusion fades as the real world is now being experienced. I know that is difficult for one who has not made it to this level to comprehend. Here you knowingly create your reality and the experience of the illusion.

I guess at this point it is time to state that 3rd dimension is a complete disconnection from source. God is thought to be exterior of you. You don’t realize your power of creation and that you are actually the one in control of that which you manifest into your illusion. 4th dimension is the knowing of your connection to source. The astral levels are in the 4th dimension. It is where spirits reside between lifetimes and is where mediums work. Spiritual warfare occurs on this level and that is where many of the lower ETs currently reside. One learns to use the 4th dimensional internal awareness here like a radar detector. It is like knowing when a policeman is over the hill as you’re speeding down the highway. You sense it without any mechanical devices. You go over that hill and see him just as you felt. When this happens you are experiencing the 4D astral. Intuition is on all levels but really begins in the 4D experience. 5D is embodying who you truly are and knowing you are creating your reality… It is the beginning of Christ Consciousness. You realize your true and divine God self and allow that to rule what you experience, knowingly playing your part in the divine plan.

The 6th Ascension Initiation is the activation of the 7 major physical chakras. In doing so, you enter a state of 6th dimensional awareness and are now playing on a Galactic Level, rather than a solar level which you can attune to. Many persons coming in to volunteer were already connected to this Galactic level receiving Galactic Federation messages or messages from the Archangels and Ascended Masters but not really knowing who they were as the veil of life was pulled in front of them. This veil of forgetfulness is on all incarnates in the lower dimensions. It is part of the lower dimensional experience. We ALL have to find our way back to source in this game.

Many of the volunteers incarnating for Earth’s ascension got caught in the illusion and lost their way. They fell into the illusion and forgot their mission and why they were here. Of the 1 million of Archangel Michael’s Legions of Light who were volunteers and are considered the “first wave”, a group of indigos who began incarnating about 1960 for their mission joining together for the Harmonic Convergence (1987) and to Open the 11:11 Doorway (1992) for planetary ascension, only 1/8 were expected to remember and to be awake and aware at that time. This was because the illusion of Earth was so strong. People get caught up in thinking (ego) that it is reality when indeed that IS the illusion… Even the ones incarnating with higher vibrations had problems… I certainly have had my own.

The illusion switched the understanding of what was real and what is illusion, to opposites. Many incarnates lowered their vibrations such that they fully went into their heads, into ego mode and forgot they connection to spirit. They became trapped in the illusion. That is and can be a trap for anyone choosing to come to help until the frequencies on Earth increased and these newest generations of children began incarnating. They have more of their memories and spiritual abilities intact. That is because these new children, starseeds, crystal children, and golden ones are incarnating at much higher vibrations in their body. This could only happen with Earth now being in a higher vibration as she ascends. These new children remember their powers, and are usually in their own world different from those in caught in the ego illusion. They are in their hearts and own little worlds. So society drugs them and dumbs them down as it does not realize what is going on here at this time. Well, on the other hand, those Illuminati playing in the upper 4th dimensional realms indeed do know what’s going on with this ascension process.

As one goes through the 6th initiation and all of the original 7 chakras activate, between that and the 7th ascension initiation there will be 7 layers of higher chakra downloads. It will expand your light, growing like rings on a tree. There are 49 total in this process. In addition, the Ascension Chakra at the top of the spine back of the head activates.

Many minor chakras will activate all over the body. Each of these higher downloads or minor chakra activations also increase the light by a factor of 10 times. Each minor chakra feels like the intensity of the major chakras (like the heart) when they too activate. The physical body is literally turning into Light as all this occurs. You sense the light. You feel as if you are turning into a star. Persons who see auras in color come to you and say you are dancing in rainbows as the light in your torrid and Merkabah increases so. You feel it and it is the treasure you value most. Nothing else is so important any longer and you realize this is the greatest gift ever in the whole universe. You are returning to source and really lighting up the world! You glow and it shows!

This particular 6th initiation takes the longest time because of the effect it has on the physical body. If one were to rush it the body simply would burn up. Your body would die as it cannot be done instantly. The frequencies the body is adjusting to are just too high. This is the longest of the ascension initiations as I have experienced as the transfiguration of the body really occurs here. Much detoxing is going on, and I found it was better for me to go to a strict macrobiotic diet. More toxins will be thrown out of the body and much discomfort will occur if you were like me – full of chemicals from the work, diet, drinking and partying I had previously done. I have indeed enjoyed this life and existence. What a fun trip experiencing all I could! But, eventually I had to pay for it.

Since I began the 6th initiation my density has dropped such that I went from 280 lbs and even without working out every day to this day I weigh 200 lbs… I went through times that were almost crippling as I detoxed. All pains and illnesses I had experienced as I was detoxing have now leveled out. My body is clean, but that took years to complete. I share with others this experience so that they know why they will be experiencing such problems as their body shifts becoming ever lighter. It can hurt! Expect it, and don’t do drugs trying to fix what hurts… Those drugs and pain killers too will have to be detoxed. It is part of the process, and nothing can be input that can remain… All toxins must go!

The 7th Ascension Initiation is when the original 7 chakras which are perpendicular to the Antakarana shifts to a vertical positioning. The Antakarana or Life Cord connects you from the core of Mother Earth to Source from whence you came. It is a conduit for information and is like a telephone line. This is how you descended from source and is how you get your information from the higher levels. As these chakras turn to a vertical position, it is an amazing sensation and when experienced you realize your ascension column for the first time.

Many old paintings of Angels depict the Ascension Column around that Angel. This is a very real thing which everyone on this path will experience. One’s dimensional awareness again increases a notch as the consciousness expands. As the initiate looks back they can see the path clearly from this vantage point and understand why they had gone through these various seemingly difficult experiences. The lessons one has learned all lead to the simplicity that must be obtained before this level of awareness can be experienced.

Why did Jesus and Buddha as well as most other prophets wander around? You will understand when you reach this level. What seemed complicated now becomes rather simple as one can easily attune to the Akashic Records for any information necessary for  experience. You can quickly have answers to whatever you want to know when you attune to the Akashic or learn to shift your consciousness up to the Melchizedek chakra. It’s called raising your awareness. But that can be done in the lower dimensional awareness prior to this initiation too. It is all a process of how to.

The 7th initiation is the end of the “Solar” initiations where the individual advances from the training found in this solar system. From that point on you are in service on a Galactic Level until those initiations are complete and you go to a Melchizedek Universal Level. There are many individuals incarnate on Earth now who are Melchizedeks and know it. They incarnated for the ascension of Earth and humanity. A Melchizedek is one who has ascended before and has surpassed the Galactic initiations into the higher Universal Initiations, which we all will eventually do. Everyone on Earth is in reality an Ascended Master, having ascended on other planets before incarnating on Earth. As they increase their vibrations, and ascend now, the memories will come as the veil of forgetfulness drops. You feel it, see it, and know it but it is all on the inside. We are working our way into a state of full consciousness remembering all that we are and have been. That’s coming for everyone.

As one surpasses the 7th initiation into the 8th, a person truly realizes the ONENESS as they are on the Galactic Level of consciousness. To take the 8th initiation one has to be completely of service to the Divine Plan. They can no longer be service to self. At this time the Ascension of Mother Earth and as many who choose to do so of humanity is what is happening. That is what 2012 is all about. What many persons don’t realize is they are representatives, ambassadors of other civilizations in other star systems throughout the universe. All humans are Extra Terrestrials ETs themselves but don’t remember. Their civilization is ascending too through their life experiences here on Earth. The whole of this universe is currently under the ascension process as Earth in her own return from duality into ONENESS. Wholeness is at the center of this focus out of duality. This is why what is happening on Earth at this time is so important . We are ascending the whole universe!We are ALL from somewhere else, representing other civilizations of the Universe. We are the strongest of the strong here on Earth to experience and pull her up and out of duality together. Remember?

The 8th initiation feels as if the ascension column is forming into a giant bubble of light. The light surrounding you seems more round rather than a column as experienced in the 7th initiation. A sensation of becoming a star is felt and experienced by the individual. The Merkabah is so full of light it is simply indescribable to another who has not yet experienced this level. The sensation of breathing and exhaling light is strong. Of course you can taste the light as you begin the 5th initiation. Energy just flows as you surf the waves. What you sense, what you understand and comprehend is so far beyond anything previously experienced that one cannot tell another.

This 8th initiation was only achieved here on Earth in this past year since we began aligning with the Galactic Center. Each of these initiations could not occur until the vibration on Earth had been lifted and her light was increased. As it does the initiation process expands to even higher levels. Earth herself is getting ready to birth into a star – believe it or not. We are going too and some will go even farther, not stopping in the 5th dimensional state for long. Those not stopping remember the promise before this incarnation that we can go all the way back to Source from the lowest dimension to the highest, all at this same time of universal ascension. That has never been accomplished before. Do you remember that promise? I do! If you do, do your work now, as that all must be completed before this coming shift. Accomplishing these things in the lower densities are the signs of the master. What is done on the spiritual levels in the higher dimensions is easy. Doing it in these lower densities are where the real accomplishments are made.

When one has taken the 8th initiation the level of awareness becomes aligned with the Elohim. These are the master creators of the illusion in this universe. They exist in the 7th, 8th and 9th dimensions of creation or the levels of the Elohim and creation. These are the levels where the Divine Plan is brought into physical existence, or thought slows to light and forms into the lower dimensional levels of tangible reality of this illusion. Ha! Ponder that one!

Once the 8th initiation is taken they very consciously work with the Divine Plan on these levels of awareness. Conscious Co-creation is happening here on those “universal” levels. Yes it is going on in the Galactic but this level of awareness is actually on the universal level, just played out in the Galactic, and Solar levels as the conscious thought of Divine Plan and its vibration and light is slowed and formed into the lower dimensional material states of matter. Consciousness is the highest state of vibration, slowed to light, slowed to sound, and into matter. All is nothing more than rates of vibration slowed from consciousness so it can be experienced by us descending/ascending souls and other fragments of source in the elemental, plant and animal kingdoms. All is Vibration. All is Holy Spirit. All is consciousness.

These various initiations each increase the Light Quotient of the initiate. That is the how-to’s of the Game. It is all about how much light and frequency you can hold. How much you can activate. In the past before Earth’s frequencies increased these initiations could not be taken as they can be now. That was impossible as initiates would be increasing the frequency of Earth if they did, and Earth School would not be able to happen as we have experienced it. As we increase our personal light quotient within our field we also increase that of everyone coming into our field. That increases the consciousness levels of those who come into contact with our vibrations. I was put on Earth in one of the densest areas in North America because of the vibration I naturally hold. It was not fun but was my mission.

Before 1992, the astral 4th dimensional level was about as high as one could achieve and remain on Earth. Yes, there have been masters who have always been leading the way but the vibrational level and light they held did not match, and they could remain only for so long without shifting all the others around them. If they did, then humanity would not complete their cycles of experience in duality which we came to play in. So these masters like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and so on came to remind humanity of the oneness we needed to eventually return to. Then they would leave. They came about every thousand years to different parts of humanity and at a time of crisis, to show us the way. This time there are literally millions of persons who are experiencing the Christ Consciousness as we join together in this ascension process. There has never before been so many masters reincarnating on Earth at the same time.

1992, the vibrations of Mother Earth increased with the Opening of the 11:11 Doorway such that any humans on the Ascension path could activate their heart chakras, the 5th initiation and remain on Earth. Before this time that was not possible. About 1999 with the planet’s frequency increasing because of the 11:11 Gate activations, the 6th ascension initiations could be taken, but no higher could one rise because  Earth’s frequency levels were still not such as they could remain here on Earth. It was also very uncomfortable to do so, increasing to higher vibrations physically, before Earth had.

Many of the recent transmissions from Galactic Federation are discussing the density or lower vibrations feeling so very uncomfortable to them in the higher 5th dimensions and above, even at this current time of the end of 2011. It is not easy to be alive and of high vibration and in this process as Earth’s frequencies are still so low – until now. The Galactic Federation constantly sends us reminders of thanks as we do what we do in the heavy and extremely dense vibrations.

It was not until December 21, 2010 when Earth and our Solar System entered the edge of the Galactic Center and began being beamed heavily by the photon belt, along with having so many awakened persons going through their individual ascension process that the 7th initiation and higher could be taken. And those initiates can now continue their process and remain on Earth throughout the coming cycle. The Earth is now at a frequency where the 8th through 22nd initiations can occur. It is quite an interesting time to be incarnate and ALIVE! Never before has this happened.

These Ascended Master Initiations described here have only been accomplished on Earth during these past 20 years. Ascended Masters previously entered dimensions parallel to this one when they activated, and could not be seen by those of the 3 and 4D realms. It is similar to what was written in the Celestine Prophecies. It is only now that we can accomplish this in our lives while remaining here as Earth too transitions. So many persons are ascending now that is bringing forth the Ascension of Mother Earth. That is what the volunteers or Archangel Michael’s Legions of Light came to do. That is now occurring.

Prior to 2009 when literally thousands of masters began their ascension process it was stated that in all 4 previous worlds, in what was termed as previous mass ascensions, there had been a total of only 8000 individuals who had completed that process. That istotal, and in all the previous times of ascension on Earth. In 2009, to begin this “planetary” ascension process of Mother Earth it took that many individuals awake and aware on Earth to begin the process. It began with those individuals’ own ascension which in turn and in mass of numbers lights up and ascends Mother Earth. We light her up as we become the energy bearers and the super-charged conduits walking on her surface.

There were several Kryon messages channeled a few years ago and even to the United Nations where Kryon states that there will be another group of 144,000 coming by 2012. These are the ones who are completing their series of Ascension Initiations as stated here. They are changing this planet. I am certain this number has been surpassed already as tens of millions of persons are waking up now and ascending. When you do have mass ascension as this going on now, like dominos falling, the rest of humanity must follow. It is a process of Light and frequency and how one holds it in their physical being. We each – everyone on Earth – will sooner or later go through this process of ascension, whether we are ready for it this cycle or not.

I am grateful to be on this journey of remembering with those of you reading this. I am so thankful for that which I have learned and experienced in this incarnation and in my previous lives here on Earth. I ascended during Atlantis as the deluge was happening. I remember the wave a mile or more high coming at me as I looked up at it in amazement.

We are soon to go through this next ascension cycle with a dimensional shift while on Mother Earth. She and all who remain with here will be rapidly ascending back to source from there. Many of us will remain there in the 5th world, the center world of balance, while many will go home to the civilizations around the universe where they came from, and to their star families while others of us will complete what has never been done and go all the way back to Source. This is a journey from the lowest and most dense of dimensions back to the highest. All is all a personal choice and free will is given to each and every soul, for their own soul’s growth.

Thank you for being you! We are ONE!

With Unconditional Love for All That IS
Bill Ballard

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