Soluntra King

Soluntra King
Blessings of Joy and Peace Within radiant one,

Today is the 11th August and it was on the 11th August 1999 that we had the great Solar Cross in the heavens. At that time even though there were those that were trying to

stop humanity awakening and duality was full on, 80% of humanity chose to open their hearts and be aligned in divine will and plan. This was on a soul level and most were not conscious of this happening at the time, but it’s on a soul level that all big shifts happen first. We are in the journey of our soul, holding the pure love of divine oneness and choosing peace and joy. We have all chosen to experience the holograms of our love at the densest levels of creation and so forgot for awhile. Some of us were always awake, some woke up slowly and some fast, some chose to keep snoozing. At the end of the day it matters not where you are at consciously, having an open heart the only prerequisite.

So here we are thirteen years later now grounding the choices we have made more fully into the physical plane. Many of us work on the inner planes consciously and many in sleep state with the divine beings, who are the more unified aspects of self. They have countless names from archangels, angels, masters, councils of light, golden beings through the greater central suns etc etc. But are all the same higher aspects of each of us and that work through us, as we chose to come into a physical body at this great shift in cycle to anchor the higher light on the earth plane to assist in the shift in consciousness.

So at present we are being bombarded with solar flares and light from the core of our Galaxy as well as negative fear based scenarios of cataclysms and destruction. It’s all on for everyone and everyone is feeling the squeeze regardless of being conscious of it or not. All our fears are in our face to love and embrace and as we are unifying and being illuminated from inside out and outside in. To embrace our fears is a choice and with our intention and love and acceptance they can be embraced in oneness and dissolved into the wholeness and all that is. We are left standing strong in the beam, at peace within and in the now, loving every moment of this exquisite creation.

There is so much stuff out there at present about great cataclysms and three days of dark, according to some it is all going to custard on the September Equinox, others on December 21st etc. The big thing I focus on is BEING IN THE NOW.

Also COME FROM THE HEART, you might want to ask yourself is the source of these predictions from the Source in divine love and oneness or at least from the Galactic Federation and golden beings through the Greater Central Sun, I doubt it. I have been shown the Earth in a beautiful matrix of light and this time we are moving in love.

The doorway is already open, there is only divine love, and the Earth has already shifted in the higher realms. In 2001 we moved 5D and 2006 6D, we are transitioning and all the Earth destroying cataclysms are in our past and the fear based controllers are trying to suck us in. But this time we are moving in love not fear. Do you need to have all these cataclysms, what are you creating through your unresolved emotions and thoughts? The Earth is us and she displays where we are at, of course she is displaying anger at times with storms, volcanoes going up and tsunamis as we still have not got it. Look at where a lot of the destruction is and you might start to see how it’s been created by consciousness. Even if you are right at the frontline of a great tsunami coming towards you, if you have no fear you will move right through it as it’s in the third dimension and you are multi-dimensional. We are here now to come from the love of the creator, to dance and play in creation as we create the holograms of our love.

The bottom line is; just stay in the moment, listen to the inner self and keep working on loving and accepting any duality issues you still have.
Please see my article on my initiation I had in 1995 at Becan at Mayan initiation pyramid site in Mexico. You do not have to do that, I did that one for you, just as you do what you do for me. But you still need to own your fears and deep breath Love and Acceptance into them, its not difficult, you just have a choice, its up to you, be from the source within in divine love and oneness or be from the fear. We open to our multi-d selves through our heart in love, some are not ready and there is no issue with that. We are all on a different parts of the journey, no better or lesser than any of our brothers and sisters. But we have the opportunity now, each and every one of us on Earth, to open our hearts and be the light that we are, creating heaven on earth, it’s up to you.

The Inner Earth Sun is so important now as we connect to the inner self more deeply as we are one with the Earth, as we connect to the inner self, to the core of self, the core of the earth, the core of the suns, the core of the galaxy, to the core of your cells and atoms. This is my latest mandala that expresses this. alignmentsunsgc.jpgAnd below is a crop circle made in wheat from 25th July at Windmill Hill, Avebury England, photographed Steven Alexander that also expresses it.

If you would like a A4 colour copy laminated of the Alignment of the Suns through the Galactic Core through the cells of your body with sound codes please order online at

I am sure for those of you who are sensitive to the Earth and Cosmos you are being slowed down at present. If you are not able to slow down on your own then manifesting a cold or something that will slow you down. We are being zapped not only by Solar Flares but the light from the Core of our Galaxy that is calling us home to ourself. We have always lived off the Light and waves of consciousness that have pulsed from the Galactic Core connecting to our core and the Earths core. It has taken us on a journey of experiencing the levels of creation from the densest levels of consciousness to the highest we can achieve in the realms of duality. Now we are moving through into the realms of the unified matrix and the higher dimensional realms of existence. As long as we allow ourselves the time and space to be still and allow, then we can easily absorb the higher light octaves that are preparing us for the shift in cycle and consciousness. As you know this has been a gradual process and now we are ready to make the big leap, across the gap and into the NEW SOLAR SYSTEM, New Earth.
The Galactic Centre is changing fast just as you are, its frequencies of light pulses that come from it are now creating great surges or sunspots and solar waves to illuminate you more fully. The Sun, SECOND SUN, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun are all working in alignment already with the Galactic Core and assimilating and disseminating the light to be filtered to Earth as well as all your Solar System and Galaxy this is in preparation for the shift into the new Solar System and Galaxy that works on higher photons of light now that your Inner Earth Sun and you have been recalibrated. Know that you are here to be one with the Sun and all Suns from with your heart.

Please see TO CONNECT on how to connect to the Sun within and outer Suns, Inner Earth Sun all one and then move through the crossover point within your heart through the crossover point at the centre of our Galaxy.
As we align to the Sun in our heart one with the Source and the outer SUNS and Inner Earth Sun this alignment also happens through all the cells in our body.
IN ORDER TO asssit THE SOLAR WAVES that are coming through you connect to you Gold Light Body, if you are really interested in working with this please see my book LIGHT CODE ACTIVATION BOOK .
and the play in the light streams in our Iridescent Light Body through all creation also in the DIAMOND LIGHT ILLUMINATION WORKBOOK
Please also see Multi-dimensional Beings

We are working with the 13 rays of the rainbow. The Seven Rays through the Big Bear Ursa Major, the Big Dipper have now become Thirteen Rays as we move into the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth and open to our multi dimensional self.
The Seven Rays illuminate and spiral through you to the Earth…..As they move through your DNA and the Earth they awaken the six new rays…..All 13 rays illuminate from the Inner Earth Sun through you and activate the DNA within you that’s now awakened and through the Light Matrix of Earth all one……Ursa Major speaks of the Light that’s always been there……The Seven Rays could only filter to humanity before as they were all they could accept. Now allowing 13 rays, as this is the frequency required to ground the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensional light matrix of wholeness within humanity who are open, and through the mother who sustains us…..There are many more rays and some are opening to those also. Once you are your body of light fully then they will be your passage of truly multi-dimensional liquid light plasma….
For those who have not opened their hearts or still run on ego to excess it’s getting harder to operate in 3D and all our issues are in our face so if they have not been embraced in love then its getting ugly and so obvious. The Thirteen Rays are here to assist to embrace all this fear with love and acceptance, and previously we used golden light but now add the Thirteen Rays to the breath, as you breathe in and it will activate the RNA and into the DNA to awaken the divine aspects more fully and faster than ever before. For it is only by being really connected that we can move beyond all the duality dramas easily and with grace and peace.
I know many of you enjoyed the 13 rainbow rays spinning through the Octrahedron
and its here for those interested


We have just had the 8:8 Lions Gate activation and below is what occurred when I linked in with others around the Earth and at the physical Lions Gate in Jerusalem.
Noon at place of first Light
I connect to all of the divine beings and the group, the grids and crystals and with my friend who was physically at the Lions Gate and had co-ordinated the link up, as well as the Suns.
I see the network of Crystal around Earth, they are absorbing the Thirteen Rays of the rainbow and being re calibrated. Then I see the grids all being cleansed as the RA energies come through them, re- knitting them into higher frequency gold/platinum/rainbows/light and sounds that resonate at such high frequencies. I cannot hear them with my earth ears, but with my celestial sonar awareness of them as they play through the cells of myself and every body on Earth and in the other dimensions. The sounds display a need for alignment into the heart and those resistant or against this are being jettisoned out of the grid. They were allowed to operate in the grid before as in divine will but now the The RA Light and higher frequencies of light have come in with the cleanse and it is no longer possible for them to use the grid. They have lost control. There will be many on Earth who feel they have lost control and yes their egos have lost control. This will take some 10’s of years to fully impact on the physical plane but it has happened now.
The work we do on the inner planes often takes awhile to filter through into the denser realms, some work is for thousands or hundreds of years ahead in earth time, but in the higher dimensions there is no time. For example the transference of energy from Mt Kailash to Mt Titiroa on the 2009 Wesak Full Moon at the new Crown Chakra of the New Earth will take approx 300 years and most do not want to accept or know that it has taken place as the old way of doing things is still so etched into the psyche.

I see the actual Gate and there is a cosmic river of liquid light plasma flowing through it and encompassing Jerusalem and the old city of duality and deceptions that had been enforced on it by religions and mean arrogance of control, by those who thought they had fooled the Christ energies of love. Now underneath the ground there, there is a great crystal. Huge like a huge mountain, a seven sided mountain with sheer walls and points of focus, this is being illuminated by the grids and glows the Thirteen Rays of the rainbow, glowing out. As it does many are being pushed away who cannot handle the energies and those that can are standing strong in their Light, one with the illumination as the higher dimensional beings of light embrace the essence of each soul in love. The love radiates out from the crystal mountain and through the grids to all who chose to be open to it.

The crystal mountain then starts to resonate and becomes a great crystal liquid light plasma disc like a light ship, the energy in Cheops pours out through the vortex in the earth and up the top of the pyramid like a volcano exploding. The cap that was taken as the energies on Earth got denser and darker is now shinning bright, transparent crystal glowing at its top,

Those in the group link up are glowing also and each can remember their connection and alignment through the Cheops vortex there and see the work that has taken place.

At 9pm my time, noon Israel time I connect again and see a lot of swirling lights around and through the Gate. I see the legions of light and the grids and crystals all in other dimensions and the Star of David is glowing with flames along its lines. In the centre of the Star of David in the earth is the Inner Earth Sun and the vortex is huge and vast with dimensional worlds and yet transparent and still. The great crystal is in lightship disc form is above the vortex and there are rivers of light flowing into the vortex.

The Gate opens and there is a presence of RA light so bright like a Greater Central Sun of unified light beings and divine essence so bright and pure it is almost too dazzling to look at and it gets brighter and brighter. The energy goes through the hearts of the group and out to humanity. The doorway of the heart chakra grows more expanded and vast in each of us and then it’s like the whole Earth moves through the Gate, through the vortex,
through our hearts.

We are all transported to a higher realm and sit in council as we watch the Earth in the Solar System that looks different to the old Solar System. We are through into a different world and different Solar System as the Central Suns align. These Suns are huge but we can cope easily with their light and closeness to Earth and ourselves. Our bodies are glowing and we know we have moved into a new reality, but it does not appear strange
but natural and normal.

We are starting a new day and life in a space without the constraints of time and space as they were in the third dimension. We know we will come back to our past and Earth as it is at the end of the Kali Yuga and into the denser realms for this final play. Our energy in our bodies is different and it’s like we have already shifted but are back dealing with the old 3d duality world of drama and trauma. But it seems a million miles away in a different world, and that none of it affects us, but we still observe it and hold the beam amongst it, but are invisible to those still playing the duality game.
The day before the 8th August was awareness of the Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow and the day after Central Sun day, so if you have been feeling a lot of energy coming through you, not sleeping or sleeping a lot, dizzy, vertigo, nearly falling over, cold, heat, sonic sounds, cold, flu like symptoms then you know why. Just take it easy, rest, allow and with you intention ask that;
‘I fully receive all the new light codes and can anchor them in peace and joy through my body, the earth and all who choose to be open to them. That I am rejuvenated, healed and become aware of all aspects of self in divine love in oneness. That I am of loving service on Earth and for all beings, simply by Being, or in whatever way I feel guided from my heart to give and share. That I fully own my divinity and honour the divine within all beings’.

If you feel guided to be at Lake Manapouri, Mt Titiroa, Crown Chakra of the New Earth for the end of the old cycle, beginning of the new, alignment of the Suns through the Galactic Centre
then please see below for links and some information as well as Living Light, New Beginnings. .

See you in the dancing light of our hearts delight, shinning bright.
In the One Heart Love Soluntra
Soluntra King


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