Children with Advanced DNA

Children Born With Advanced DNA

This is an incredible story of children being born with advanced DNA. Many of today’s parents are awake enough to be witnessing miracles in their children and then exposing them to information to help prevent suppression and/or the depression that is inflicted on many o

f these beautiful beings due to lack of understanding.Children of the New Dream
Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek By Diane Cooper

Diane: So Drunvalo…who are these “Children of the New Dream” that you are so excited about?

Drunvalo: Well there are 3 different kinds of children emerging in the world today that I have been able to identify. The first are called the “Super Psychic Children of China.” The second are called the “Indigo Children” and the third are Continue reading

Mother Mary ~ Planting The Seeds Of Forgiveness. ~ By, Bella Capozzi. October 21, 2012.


Good day to you, My Children, and I bring to you the warmest blessings from the heart of All That Is.  Be of lightness, be of joy.  Be of one heart and mind on this most auspicious day – a day which many of you have chosen to be a day of change and noticeable  progress.  Such a beautiful endeavor, and one in which I foresee you as being markedly successful.  But I shan’t go on indefinitely in Continue reading

Portal Opening of 10/21

By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 20 October 2012

Thank You To Mike Nikolaou

‎~  from the Pleiades – 21/10 – The portal of healing, memory , balance ~ By Mercy ~ 20-10-2012 ~

Dearest humans, we have come to you in order to lend you our voices, listen closely and embrace each of our words with gratitude and happiness because these are the feelings we too are bringing to you at this moment.

We came to deliver you a short message regarding the opening of the next portal which will be on the 21/10 and you will feel its energy in a very powerful and wonderful way as this time it will be balancing your body and making it more stable (like a toddler that is finally starting to walk with more safety).

There is still some time left and we are ensuring that you are getting the most love and assistance we can provide. Note that during this day around 22:00 PM some of you will start remembering things in the form of short flashes, things that will be important to you in the future. This portal is responsible for memory, healing and Continue reading



By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 14 October 2012

GEOMAGNETIC STORMING: Earth’s magnetic field is unsettledon Oct. 14th following a lengthy G1-class geomagnetic storm the day before. While the storm of Oct. 13th subsides, another may be in the offing: NOAA forecasters estimate a 55% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Oct. 14-15 in response to an incoming Continue reading

DeCloaking: the dress rehearsal

By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 14 October 2012

Commentary from The Galactic Free Press~ Its unfortunate that Lauren keeps some information only for those who pay. Although we do understand. Here is the partial post from her with some valuable information about our current Moments. All Our Love the Earth Allies

By Lauren On


When I first realized that I was going to be moving Think With Your Heart from dot net to dot com, I was pretty unclear about the direction of the site. I really had very little idea what would unfold…incidentally, I am still figuring it out…but I remember thinking to myself that I would literally write just about anything, long as I didn’t have to talk about one.more.ascension.symptom. (By which, I also thought that if that were the case, I’d rather watch paint dry.)

When I initially asked my galactic cohorts what the purpose Continue reading

How to Open Your Third Eye and Awaken Your Pineal Gland: Two Simple Practices

By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 11 October 2012

Note: Original article edited for formatting and clarity

Commentary from The Galactic Free Press~ Below is a technique which could assist. Also Being Present In the Moment of Now is A Way as Well!! Love The Earth Allies


Please read all of the following. If you wish to perform this exercise, you need to understand what you will be doing. It is important to follow the instructions as this is somewhat advanced:

The Third Eye is directly related to the 6th chakra — the psychic chakra, located on Continue reading

Beloved Council of Light, why do I feel so raw, discouraged, defeated and just plain old fed up?

By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 13 October 2012

~Shhhhhhh…Love is Calling~


Because you are! Because it is. Because the old no longer works. It is time for a new way and it is being born, so you have to be patient. You have to keep believing, even in the darkness, that the dawn is coming. This is the essence of Continue reading

Ascension Symptoms : Kundalini Rising ~ DENISE LEFAY~

I see daily Search terms on my Stats page here from increasing numbers of people searching for information about why they’re feeling inner body vibrations; why they’re smelling smokey burning incense; why they’re having excessive inner heat (hot flashes) in their bodies that radiate outward and so on. I thought it was time to try again to help more people being Continue reading