Earth Allies: The Masters are coming back Now

By GLR ANdReA – Posted on 25 September 2012


And so it is.


As the awakening speeds up and the Light pour In like a tsunamy of Love the Planet is finally seeing the return of the Masters.

They are here, everywhere.


It’s those that remember Who they Are.


It’s those that Know that Love is All that is as All is God and God is Love and therefore they Know they Are Love(God) too. They don’t need prooves, they already have themSelves. Thus they Are All they need to Be.

If your’re among those that still can’t see them, go and look in the mirror and tell what you See.

Can you see your light, how bright it shines, can you see God’s sparkle shining through you? Do you Feel Love for what you See? Do you See a whole Universe combined as a body? Dimensions flowing through You?

Or do you see a face, made of flesh and bones, wondering what you should see more than that?

Wondering where all the Magic is? It’s right there, shadowed by your dreaming.


Some still believe that claiming to Be a Master/God is not humble, or that saying one is Love(God) is arrogant as this cannot be achieved in 3d.

Arrogant though is saying you are not what you Are, claiming you know better than your Creators do, denying God in YOU equals denying YOU. That is simply stupid.

And stupid is thinking that Masters cannot walk on Earth right Now. Earth has around seven billion Masters walking on Her right Now. Some simply don’t remember who they are, and if you still cannot See it, then you’re among them.


Being Yourself is not a cult, it’s not following a “new age wave”, it’s not about following some teachers or leader, or ascension role or rule, it’s Being You. And by Being You you Become part of God. You already Are All You need to Be. And God is Love and Loves All of It’s Creation in the same way: as One. God does not judge, nor blames, nor punishes Its Creation as it would mean God judges, blames and punishes ItSelf. It simply does not make any sense.


You are among the Masters walking on Earth right Now.

Welcome back.

The you died and YOU resurrected to Your Self.

Love Your Self, as You Are part of Me, and I Love US. 

Thanks for coming back to Life.


Love, Andrea

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