The Forty Days Between 11-11-12 and 12-21-12 a Message from Kalki Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin


By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 07 November 2012

 Namo Mahamaya. Greetings. This is Kalki Maitreya. What you do in this moment creates your next moment. Look at your outer world. Does it reflect the Life You Want? Consider Your Inner World. When was the last time you experienced Joy? Bliss? Ecstasy? Do you allow these in on a regular basis? Are you worried about the election? The world changes? The looming date – wondering if it is real or hype? How does one get from wondering and worrying to bliss and ecstasy? Create It! One of the huge issues no one is talking about is this: If we took off your human suit who would you be underneath? You are one of the millions of awake and aware Starseeds on Earth and what are you doing with this gift? You are here to Ascend Earth – what are you doing about that? Inside your human suit – look inside.


Stand in front of a mirror and imagine you can unzipper your human suit and see underneath. When you look inside into your Inner Life you see a bright shining light – a glow as bright as 1000 Suns, an Angelic Cosmic bright shining light. The unique thing about this light is as it represents Source Energy on Earth within it is ALL KNOWLEDGE. Did you know as you are the owner of this SunStar inside you hold ALL KNOWLEDGE. In Sanskrit it is called Chitamesam. The holder of all divine knowledge. It is a part of you like your body, mind, emotions, psyche, spirit and chitemesam. What you do this moment creates your next moment. When was the last time you experienced Joy? Bliss? Ecstasy? Do you remember how? Tap the KNOWLEDGE Inside. Who Am I? Where Did I Come From? What Is The Point? Meditate. That is THE answer.


When you do not meditate or if you meditate less than once a day – the next moment you are creating is filled with fear, ignorance, lack of problem-solving, grief, guilt and suffering. Then One reads channels to check in and see when the world will end or hear others say EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE. If you are not experiencing Bliss Everyday because you are not connected to The Divine Grace of Source Inside You through getting quiet and alone with your Divine Self, contemplating that – then no matter how many times you read it or hear it EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE.


 You feel that and it makes you wonder how you are doing. The Greatest Forces of Light need you to be more participatory now. Shine Your Light! Come Into AWARENESS. Come Out Of The Rain. Inside your human suit – look inside. Who Are You? Why Are You Here? How can you connect with that YOU? Prepare for the MERGE with your Beloved. As we search and look through there seems to be a lot of confusing information. Much is said about DNA Activations. What is that? What about Wakening the Kundalini? You do not have to wait for a special date for your DNA Activations. Chances are, if you have been doing the Inner Work then that has been complete for some time. The timing is exquisitely individual.


It does not happen en masse on a certain day. As your light quotient increases – as you are able to hold more light and carry more responsibility THAT activates your DNA strands. For many of you that happened years ago.  Your Kundalini awakens as you work it. As you engage your Kundalini it Awakens. It has nothing at all to do with yoga asanas. Kundalini Awakens as you do the Inner Work engaging your Energetic Connection between the Source Within and the Cosmos. You do not have to worry about any of these things, they happen on their own whether you know it or not. Many are asking: How Am I Doing? Will I Ascend? These questions cause a lot of turmoil and unhappiness. There are Ones who have stock piled their houses, invested in Dinars, or spent countless hours researching everything. These things have not Created The Next Moment in Joy, Bliss or Ecstasy. WHY NOT? Because ALL OF THESE pursuits are moments spent in fear, poverty consciousness and hoarding.


Wondering How Am I Doing causes suffering because Ones asking this are not doing well. If they were, they would not ask. They would not need approval. Why do you feel you need approval? When you donate money to Foundations helping victims who need humanitarian relief do you have to ask how you are doing? No.


You know how you are doing. You are sharing Your Source Energy, Your Resources and Your Love. You are doing great! How do you end all Suffering? Your Own Suffering? Give!!! Give your heart, your knowledge, your resources, your gifts, your cooperation, your compassion, your sweat, your muscle, your time, your smile and your love. When asking about Ascension Do Not Ask WHAT WILL I GET? Ask WHAT CAN I GIVE? Inside your human suit – look inside. Who Are You? Why Are You Here? How can you connect with that YOU? Prepare for the MERGE with your Beloved. What exactly does that mean?


Donʻt Over Think This. Try This Meditation With Me (There Are LOTS OF WAYS To Meditate) See Me Here. Take My Hand. We are walking around a serene lake. We hear the wind rustling through the grass and birds singing on shore. The Sun is shining bright overhead and the warmth feels good on your shoulders. The lake is royal blue and on the glassy calm water is a reflection of white fluffy clouds filling the sky. The sky a mirror image of the lake. Surrounding the lake are emerald green trees and grass ringing the lake in beauty.


The waves gently lap the shore as we walk along. We come to a boat dock which stretches far out into the lake. It is just a walkway of decking, old knotted wood and all the boats are out now. At the end someone is sitting at the edge of the dock with their legs hanging up to their ankles in the warm blue water. I say to you: That is your Beloved. I have brought you here to see Them. You look at me with a small smile because you are nervous and happy at the same time. Your lip quivers, you are thinking: “What Will I Say”? You nod and thank me. I say: “Go to Your Beloved and I will wait here to take you back when you are done.” You walk down the deck slowly. You have been waiting a lifetime for this moment.


Your breathing has left your control. When you reach the end you touch your Beloved on the shoulder. They look up and see it is you and rise to meet your gaze. You look into each otherʻs eyes and you remember everything. All your questions in an instant have melted away. You hug. Together you sit at the edge of the dock dangling your bare feet in the warm water and you talk. Pause here and Imagine what you would say because Your Beloved Truly Is Here With You. You make plans for when you can see each other again soon. Become the Merge By Reentering this Meditation Often. What you do in this moment creates your next moment. In the next few days spend time alone to contemplate how comfortable you are in the process with merging with your Beloved. Consider what it means to you. Review all of your relationships with Your Self, Your mate, your parents, your children, your boss, your neighbors, your community, your society, your country and your world. Contemplate why you are here and how you will spend your energy. How will you represent Source Energy on Earth? Will you Vote? Will You Give Your Self to Others? Will you have that difficult talk you have long put off with another to make the relationship right? Will you be compassionate? Will you stop hating? Make things right in your heart as you prepare for the Peace Portal opening on 11.11.12. This marks the beginning of 40 days preparation before the end of duality as Planet Earth aligns with Galactic Center on 12.21.12. In between the Cosmos will dance through a full lunar eclipse on 11.13.12 and a solar eclipse on 11.28.12 During the lunar eclipse the Moon is hidden from view of Earth. Our Collective emotions go into darkness to commune with Divine Feminine. Mother. We succor Divine Love and prepare to meet the New Earth. During the solar eclipse the Sun is hidden from Earth. Moon and Sun merge, dancing together preparing the Path for Galactic Center to MERGE with Earth next month. Know that Everything is Going To Be Fine.


This will align the dark matter Universe called Nebadon on the Milky Way back to the white light matter Universe called On. We are ready for Self-Disclosure. We are ready for Announcements. We are ready to remember who we are and to Be The Solution. YOU ARE THE SOLUTION. Om. Shanti. Shanti. Shanti. This is Kalki Maitreya, an Avatar of Buddha through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 5, 2012 © All Rights Reserved.

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