Lucas – The New Paradigm And Sharing – New Ways Of Doing Things – 24 January 2013

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Gift_Sharing.previewA new paradigm needs to be created without the good old 3D patterns. It is not pulling the old tricks out of the head to get things done or just being sharing from egoism by having personal interests,  greed, fame, and the me me me numerous screaming voices taking over and leading.

What I observe is  far too much Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Transmissions From The Arcturian Mothership – Living Multiple Realities – Part 4 – The Gift Of Unconditional Love – 22 January 2013

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UnconditionalLove copyMYTRE SPEAKS:

The next day when Mytria and I arrived at the Holosuite we found a similar scene as the day before. The Arcturian was again sending a message to the ascending ones on Earth into a frequency slightly above the base line frequency of humanity’s consciousness. Hence, only those who have Continue reading

Pleiadian Renegades ~ Get Going, There’s No Time to Waste

By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 05 November 2012


Biding your time until the next phase of humanity’s collective evolution is a sure way to see some of the inner workings of the machinery of human social management within the matrix of planetary creative unfoldment. You can tell yourself everything is going along as normal, or you can say that it’s all Continue reading


What happens during the Transition
from the Physical to the Spiritual Dimensions…


From the Aura you can tell if someone is ready to ‘go across’

The lower three Chakras appear to dissolve and there will be an opening of the other Chakras

Clouds appear in the Aura, pearly and sometimes tinged with faint colour. They appear to be holding together what remains of ‘life’


The ‘silver cord’ also becomes apparent, joined to the Solar Plexus and the Third Eye (Brow Chakra)


When the last current of Energy ‘Life Force’ passes up the spine, this gives rise to the ‘death rattle’


Fountains of glorious Spiritual Light bathe the body for the last time, washing away all blockages in a great cleansing

The Aura is now as it was when the person / spirit first arrived here on Earth at birth – a golden white

~A Psychic’s View~

Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters – There Is Absolutely Nothing Holding You Back – 4 November 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The effects you are making upon yourselves and upon your beautiful world at present are absolutely unparalleled in the scope of positive change that they are to bring forth. Can you dear souls feel what your actions have been garnering for yourselves thus far?

Your actions and all that you have employed within yourselves have been for the ultimate purposes of helping you to see through all that is not in resonation [with the higher realms] and all that you have still been bringing through yourselves, and we say this because upon reaching a certain state in your growth, you become Continue reading