Message from my Higher Self by Multidimensional Ocean – 13 Dec 2012.



Dear readers,We, of the higher realms wish to welcome you all among the higher vibrations of the light. Energies of light penetrate easier now through the thick density of the 3D world. Therefore, it is now easier than ever to Continue reading


Pic from Prof. Akiyoshi Kitaoka  visual perception - visual illusion
Pic from Prof. Akiyoshi Kitaoka visual perception – visual illusion

The next three years ……………

Channelled from Higher Beings

We live in evolving times and very interesting times. As part of my blueprint I have been enabled to channel information from off planet beings – or Higher beings as I like to describe them.

The majority of these channellings which have been received since 1994 have been made into two books both of which are still available on the net or from my website. But from time to time I have channelled information in question and answer sessions for colleagues. This particular information below Continue reading


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By GLR ANdReA – Posted on 07 October 2012





By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Please also read update from 21.8.12

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There is not much time left. Things are speeding up.

People will grow in consciousness and many will start to go into a new direction, recognizing that they can participate in positive changes.


Soon a completely new understanding what your world is about and what the rules have been for Millenniums, will arise for  the many who are still asleep. This will push the present status quo to its end and a new world will emerge in which people will find themselves as changed beings, even if they might not have been prepared for it. These changes are experienced by many as shock, but they will be thrilled at the same time about the wonders they never expected to be possible to happen!
The shock is a momentum that creates a vacuum in which the great turn about happens, intermittent the resistance of those  who are not yet informed about the Great Event of Ascension.


But soon immense relieve will replace the initial difficulties to deal with the new situation.


Your world is at the brink of being completely turned upside down. This is because Gaia’s light quotient has been rising enormously and is still rising, and that of all those who are the forerunners of this glorious adventure, all meeting the event where your universe is being transformed on its return path to divinity. But this is not all: In the end consciousness will have reached a level of a new completion, humanity has never experienced before!


At this moment enormous energies are colliding, preparing and creating new portals through which a completely new and higher way of life is being funneled. This is like a centrifugal process, where all relics of your old world which are not of unity and love, are being flung out of a spinning vortex to make room for the higher dimensions.


There is a force at work that attracts like a magnet all your 3dimensional and low density patterns which do not belong into your new world, to release them into the higher light, if you do not resist this process. All these patterns are energy structures which have been the constituents of your old identity. And they are being removed, because the new frequencies carry great transformative information. These new frequencies also embed new structural elements into your system, which alter your consciousness in a way that you will not remember your past.


Once you are in the new light and in the opening of the higher dimensions, you will be a new being, purified of all that  which suggests separation, misery, suffering and alienation.


This will be the moment of your glorious rebirth! This is the moment, where all false superimpositions on humanity of the last Millenniums will be shed. This will happen for those who are prepared and willing to participate in the great leap in consciousness and in the creation of a renewed and ascended body.


Yes, it is a dramatic time, but a happy time, and even  more when you surrender to all the experiences which are going to occur, in the knowing that the Wisdom of Divine Love is at work for the sake of your highest good.


Therefore preparedness and trust in the process is a prerequisite for your success. Without it you will resist the course and this could create the distress you want to avoid.

It is important that you do not cling to the old paradigm’s ideas of “loss”, be it your identity or your familiar point of view, or even your ‘possessions’. You cannot know how this event will show itself to you and how you will experience it! All is dependent on whether you personally welcome the change, on your individual point of view, and whether it is based on love and acceptance.


There is already much love and excitement in the air, and much joy! Ride these waves,  they are the wings which carry you to the other side where Divine Perfection is waiting for you!


Replace fear of the unknown with love for your protection and well-being. The Energy of Love creates a shielding field around you that carries you safely through all possibly arising difficulties of the Great Transformation.

Love is the means to directly connect you with the vibration of the higher dimensions, it is  the  vehicle to experience coherence on your course, preventing emotional and mental disruption. It is the smooth path to your liberation.


Be well!


Much love to you and many blessings,



The Earth’s Chakra System



The Earth’s Chakra System

The Earth’s  Chakra System According To Robert Coon
Where are the Earth Chakras?
At the foundation of earth chakra work is the pattern of the seven chakras. Begin your work with these seven, which are best defined by their geometrical centres. Learn to accurately draw the full circles of these chakras on world maps. After you are familiar with this foundation system, then there are other dependent structures to investigate. Learn the foundations first, and then build upon them. Subsequent levels of the world chakra system will be Continue reading

The Recalibration of GAIA

The Recalibration of GAIA

Posted on October 4, 2012

– A message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll
Sunday, 18 March, 2012
(posted 4 October, 2012)

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The family before me is known and I will say it yet again, that there is no mystery about who sits here and who may be listening or eventually who may be reading. It comes together in a timeless state, which is not the reality that you share at this moment. It’s a reality that I have of a timeless place in a quantum state filled Continue reading

AA Michael describes our physical, mental and emotional bodies in the 5th dimension

august 6, 2012

Your clearest indicator of what is taking place within this Ascension process is your heart. It is the core of your being, knowing and deciding that you are choosing love, that you are more joyful…in your physical form, begin to feel yourself be reconstructed, and Continue reading

Transmuting the Mass Consciousness into L O V E by Sanat Kumara Channeled through Rev. Janisel 8.8.12

Transmuting the Mass Consciousness into L O V E by Sanat Kumara Channeled through Rev. Janisel 8.8.12…

You are lovingly invited join our Eagle Family today
and begin your Ground Crew Mission NOW to Ascend with the Planet. Write to janisel @ to join Project: Eagle Triad

Transmuting the Mass Consciousness
by Sanat Kumara

Greetings Beloveds, We have a special request to ask of all of you, but first we will preface our request with some information which is of the utmost importance at this time.

As you know, there is what has been referred to as a “Universal Unconsciousness”. This is a vast storehouse of information which is available to ALL of you. You may tap into it at any time and receive the information you require to continue on your Ascension Path. In a sense, it is like channeling information from all of the Masters, Angels and Light Beings at the same time. Continue reading

Soluntra King

Soluntra King
Blessings of Joy and Peace Within radiant one,

Today is the 11th August and it was on the 11th August 1999 that we had the great Solar Cross in the heavens. At that time even though there were those that were trying to

stop humanity awakening and duality was full on, 80% of humanity chose to open their hearts and be aligned in divine will and plan. This was on a soul level and most were not conscious of this happening at the time, but it’s on a soul level that all big shifts happen first. We are in the journey of our soul, holding the pure love of divine oneness and choosing peace and joy. We have all chosen to experience the holograms of our love at the densest levels of creation and so forgot for awhile. Some of us were always awake, some woke up slowly and some fast, some chose to keep snoozing. At the end of the day it matters not where you are at consciously, having an open heart the only prerequisite.

So here we are thirteen years later Continue reading

Two Realities

Two Realitites ~~ Suzanne Lie


It is not that you are waiting for a certain time for things to happen. Time is a third dimensional illusion. Instead, you are waiting for a certain frequency of reality for things to happen. The many changes that are occurring in your reality are happening because your frequency of reality is rising in resonance. When a reality is moving into a higher frequency, there is more Unity and less separation, less time and more NOW.
What happened in the past, or what may happen in the future is becoming less important than what is happening right NOW. In fact, as you continue with your expanding consciousness, you realize that the real question is, “What reality am I creating?” You may also be thinking, “To what reality/situation do I choose to attach my attention?”
Myriad realities are easily perceivable through your fifth dimensional perceptions that are unknown when you perceive reality through your Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Sierra Neblina Takes Us Backstage On Disclosure with Geoffrey West


Steve Beckow – Sierra Neblina Takes Us Backstage On Disclosure – 28 July 2012

Geoff West and I interviewed Sierra Neblina yesterday (July 27, 2012) on the pace of Disclosure generally and the significance of the Olympics for Disclosure. Sierra is a Pleiadian starseed with a braided walk-in and a representative of Earth to the Galactic Federation.
She revealed that the galactics are trying to push Continue reading